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Cocktail Party

Cocktail Party: Dos And Don’ts For Beginners !

Cocktail Party: Dos And Don’ts For Beginners !

Agree or disagree but it’s a fact that even a teeny-tiny issue can ruin the fun of your cocktail party, especially if you are an amateur planner. Though some of the guests would be too sweet to bring it to your notice, but at times, even a statement like ‘hey, I think we’re out of ice’ could be a total embarrassment.
So, let not these situations play a spoilsport at your party. While you plan, make sure you take a quick peek at the dos and don’ts before the party begins.

Label everything:


Since you cannot be around all the time, label everything. From different types of glassware, drinks to cuisines, stick on a creative label and make it easier for the guests.

Opt For disposable items:plates for cocktail parties

Make sure you have disposable plates, glasses and culinary available. You never know when it might come handy.

Tidy up:cleaning up before party

Make sure every single part of the room is cleaned, especially washrooms. Guests tend to go on house tour if bored and you do not want them to run into a spider web! Also, place scented candles or room freshening bars in every corner.

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Garbage bINs:garbage bin at parties

Keep garbage bags for both wet and dry waste. Hire a helper to get rid of the bags every hour to avoid the room from becoming stinky.

Attachable Coasters:coasters for parties

Yes, these are easily available in the market. You can also make them at home with a little help from the internet. If in case you don’t find them, buy a few coasters and keep them alongside the glassware with a label – ‘Every Glass Needs A Coaster‘. 😛

Clutter-Free bar:bar at cocktail party

Arrange a side table where you can stock up the drinks and the glasses. Keep the bar top clutter-free so the guests can make their drinks without any hassle.

Extra-Ice:cocktail party drinks

Very, very important, as a drink without ice could be a major SPOILER! So make sure you’ve made arrangement for enough ice to make it through the party. Also, keep the local ice store owner informed about your party.

More Tissues:creative tissue box

Keep tissue boxes at various spots in the house, so the guests don’t have to rush to the buffet area every time they need one. Also, stock up the washroom with extra rolls if in case need arises.

Menu for drinks:drinks menu at party

Prepare a menu and place it at the bar. If you’re going to hire a bartender, put up the various cocktail options available for the night.

Food and Garnish:food and garnish

Heavy cuisines are a complete no-no at cocktail parties. Stick to finger food or barbeque dishes/platter if possible. Also, make sure there’s one vegan and one non-vegan dish available on the menu.

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Music playlist:party-time

Cocktail parties are all about meeting people, small conversations and catch ups! Stick to instrumental music if possible that wouldn’t disturb the guests. Prepare a playlist in advance.

Water Issues:image

Since the water usage will double up in your house, inform the concerned person if needed. If there are no such issues in your area then you can skip this one. 🙂

Follow this guide and send your guest home, happy and impressed! 😀

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