How To Organise A Perfect Corporate Dinner?

How To Organise A Perfect Corporate Dinner?

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Did your company just achieve a long shot business goal or a huge profit? Or are you planning to do something fun for team building? Is there an upcoming training session or seminar? Each of these requires a dinner party. It requires perfect execution to make sure the company’s corporate image is not damaged. So to help you organize a perfect event here are a few corporate dinner party ideas we bring to you the following tips.

  1. Corporate Dinner Party Ideas for a Venue

    Company dinner venue should be located in a place which is easy to find and reach. It shouldn’t be around high traffic areas or completely isolated place. You could select a Banquet hall which can be easily found. If people are going to fly over from different cities then it should be situated near the airport. The venue should big enough to accommodate everyone. So make sure you have an accurate headcount for the event.

  2. Corporate Dinner Party Ideas for a Theme

    You should know if it’s a casual dinner or a formal one. If the dinner party is on the casual side like a success party or company gala dinner then you can go for fancy themes and decoration. It is a piece of important information since the menu and other arrangements depend on it. If it’s a team-building session or a post-seminar dinner then a more networking friendly approach should be used. A company annual dinner requires a more formal approach.

  3. Corporate Dinner Party Ideas for the Menu

    Deciding on a corporate dinner catering requires a more inclusive approach. You could send out an email to the attendees to ask for their dietary restrictions. It could be about their allergies or the kind of lifestyle they live. Many people prefer eating veg food or vegan diet, so there should be options open for them too. Next step could be finding the correct caterer as per your needs. Explain all restrictions and varieties to them and take regular feedback from them. You could ask them for food samples too to make sure they have a balanced approach towards the food. Try to restrict the menu and not go over the top with something exquisite. If it’s a networking event then go for byte size nibbles so people can speak freely and have something quick to grab.

  4. Seating Arrangements For Business Dinning

    For a business dinner go for these three types of arrangement —- Boardroom, Banquet or Cabaret.


    If the number of attendees is less then 50 then Boardroom arrangement can suit your needs. It is preferred for a formal event rather than a casual one. Since everyone can pour in their ideas as they are facing each other. It has some problems like restricted neck moment to talk among people. Next problem is the presentation has to be conducted at a tail end which can cause visibility issues. Corporate dinner party Ideas for a Boardroom style of seating arrangement


    It is the most common for casual events. If there are distributed functional groups or seniority distribution in a casual event then this works like a charm. Since its a round table approach there is more room for interaction. If there is no presentation or a stage then this is perfect for the event. Attendees may choose their seats or you could pre-assign them according to the company hierarchy. It works for a large number of attendees.Corporate dinner party Ideas for a Banquet style of seating arrangement



    It is similar to the banquet approach but has an open end with people sitting in an arc. It works for a formal event which has a presentation or a keynote speaker. People can sit among their preferred groups. They can speak among each other and at the same time can focus on the stage. It works for a medium-sized group since the seating capacity is reduced.Corporate dinner party Ideas for a Cabaret style of seating arrangement

  5. Other Chores For Business Dinner

    To make sure it ends up being a perfect corporate dinner you need to focus on other chores too. Look at the stage arrangement. Carefully get the backdrop decorated. Check if all the technical gears like mics, speakers, projector, laptop etc are working fine. Get the decoration correctly organised with the company logo on all appropriate places. Discuss all keypoints with the photographer and videographer. Show them the faces of all important members of the organization, so their pictures and speeches are captured. If there is an anchor for the event then make sure they know each important person’s name and appropriate fillers to add on while speaking.

    Do tell us about your experience of planning the perfect corporate dinner. If you require a venue in your area or complementary services like anchors, photographers and decorators reach us out on the BookEventz website.

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