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Corporate Team Building Activities to Strengthen the Bond!

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Corporate team building activities are a medium through which the employees can strengthen their bond and improve their communication skills. Team building activities are not only educative but also enjoyable. They help you learn a lot about each other, the way the other person thinks, works or tackle the problems. Managers in multinational companies already know that team-building exercises are an essential part to strengthen their team and bring unity amongst them. So, to make your work easier we went ahead and listed some result-driven corporate team building activities for your fellow employees. Here’s the list of corporate team building activities for your organization:

  1. Game of Possibilities – Unique Corporate Team Building Activities

    Duration – 5 to 6 minutes

    No. of Participants – One or multiple people

    Things needed – any random objects 

    How to play – Game of possibilities is a great team-building game. You need to give an object to one person in each group and someone from the group needs to go up there and demonstrate the use of the object given. The rest of the team must guess what the player is demonstrating. The person demonstrating cannot speak and must use his/her creativity for the same. 

  2. Purpose Mingle

    Duration – 1 to 2 minutes 

    No. of Participants – Any 

    Things needed – Nothing

    How to play – this is one of the best corporate team building activities. It is a great game for indoors between employees and won’t take up much time. All you need to do is, just before the meeting, have each individual walk around and share what they are going to contribute to the meeting. To spice up the game you can offer a prize to someone who shares with most people, and another for the person who successfully contributes what they shared.corporate team building activities

  3. Human Knot – Fun Corporate Team Building Activities

    Duration – 15 to 30 minutes 

    No. of Participants – 8 to 20 people

    Things needed – None

    How to play – Make everyone stand in a circle facing each other. Then tell everyone to put their right hand out and grab a random hand of someone across them. Then instruct them to do the same with their left hand. Within a set time limit, the group needs to untangle themselves without releasing their hands. 

    corporate team building activities - human knot
    Office Group Playing Human Knot
  4. Winner/ Loser – Helpful Corporate Team Building Activities

    Duration – 5 to 6 minutes

    No. of Participants – two or more

    Things needed – None 

    How to play – Player 1 shares something negative that happened in their life with player 2. It can be anything personal or professional but it has to be true. Then Player 1 discusses the same experience again but only focuses on the positive aspect of it. Player 2 then helps to explore the silver lining of the bad experience. Later they switch roles. corporate team building activities - Sharing experiences

  5. Scavenger Hunt – Collaborative Corporate Team Building Activities

    Duration – less than an hour 

    No. of Participants – Two or more small groups 

    Things needed – Pen and a note pad 

    How to play – Break the group into two or more. Make a list of goofy or fun tasks that each team needs to do. Make sure you make the tasks fun and creative like include taking a selfie with a stranger, find any random object around the office etc. Give the list to each team, along with a deadline by which they must complete all tasks. Whoever completes the most tasks the quickest, wins!corporate team building activities - Scavenger Hunt

  6. Egg Drop  – Creative Corporate Team Building Activities

    Duration – 15 – 30 minutes

    No. of Participants – 6 or more people 

    Things needed – Raw eggs, cardboard, duck tape, several thin straws, paper towels for cleanup.

    How to play – Divide people into the teams of 3 or 4. Give each team a raw egg, 40 straws, duck tape and other materials mentioned above. Their goal is to design and build a structure that will prevent their egg from breaking from a high drop. The team that is successful to save their egg wins. If mow than one team is successful then the team that uses the least amount of straws win. 

    corporate team building activities -Egg Drop
    A straw structure created to save the raw egg from breaking
  7. Memory wall – Nostalgic Corporate Team Building Activities

    Duration –   45-90 minutes

    No. of Participants –  6 or more people

    Things needed – sheets of paper, markers, and tape.

    How to play – Ask each participant to survey the room. Ask them to write down positive memories of shared experiences and moments while working together. Once, everyone has listed down everything ask them to draw a few of these memories on a paper. After that ask them to draw the same memories on the wall and let the others guess which memory they drew.

Let us know which of these corporate team building activities you like!

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