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List of all COVID-19 Resources and Links to Help you Treat Yourself

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeMay 6, 2021

Covid-19 has again started to show its worst side nationwide and the government is forced to make lockdowns or curfews in many states. This is of course for the betterment of the people but this crisis is affecting many lives in many other ways. Moreover, the new covid wave is far more dangerous than the previous one and it is affecting people of all ages. Earlier, kids were not getting affected much but this time kids, adults, and of course old people are infected with this virus. Below, we have provided the total list of COVID-19 Resources that you will need.

A sudden increase in COVID cases has led many states to face an oxygen crisis, a shortage of some important COVID medicines like ivermectin and remdesivir, and of course, doctors and hospital beds are not sufficient. Many hospital beds are full of patients and they are not taking any new patients. That is of course has become life-threatening for many but everybody is helpless during this unfavorable condition.

BookEventZ has taken the initiative and spreading a small help to all the sufferers. Now, all we can do is we can provide you with bits of help related to oxygen suppliers, some meal providers’ contact numbers, facility of home testing helpline numbers, plasma donators, medicine, hospitals, and NGOs name whoever is providing help during this time. These COVID-19 Resources might help many in need and you must try to share them with all the other people so that whoever is in need can get benefit from this post.

We are doing our best to provide you with the lists of helplines provided to us through various websites. So, we urge you to kindly verify those links before reaching out to them.

Some of the important links to COVID-19 Resources are listed below:

  1. PAN India Data

  2. Health Services Nearby

  3. Covid Resources (Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh)

  4. Sprinklr City-Wise Database

  5. Plasma Resources

  6. All India States/UTs Helpline Numbers

  7. COVID Tools (State-Wise)

  8. COVID 19 and Mental Health

  9. COVID Recovery Information Booklet (Medanta Hospital)

  10. COVID-19 Twitter Link

  11. COVID Facts Information Link

  12. COVID Fight Club

  13. COVID Help India

  14. COVID-19 Resources

  15. Dhoondh

  16. Plasma Donor

  17. Numbers Provided by DIC Shopian and DIPRC Anantnag

    COVID-19 Resources - Numbers provided by DIC Shopian and DIPRC AnantnagCOVID-19 Resources - Numbers provided by DIC Shopian and DIPRC Anantnag

  18. Oxygen Retailers and NGO Help

    COVID-19 Resources - Oxygen Retailers and NGO Help COVID-19 Resources - Oxygen Retailers and NGO Help COVID-19 Resources - Oxygen Retailers and NGO Help COVID-19 Resources - Oxygen Retailers and NGO Help

  19. Covid Kashmir Resources Link

  20. SKIMS Tele Consultation Numbers

    COVID-19 Resources - SKIMS Tele Consultation Numbers

  21. Oxygen Cylinder Resources

    COVID-19 Resources - Oxygen Cylinder ResourcesCOVID-19 Resources - Oxygen Cylinder Resources

  22. Specially-abled Helplines

    COVID-19 Resources - Specially-abled HelplinesCOVID-19 Resources - Specially-abled Helplines 2

  23. Home Testing Helpline

    COVID-19 Resources - Home Testing Helpline

  24. Plasma Donors

    COVID-19 Resources - Plasma Donors

  25. Meal Providers

    COVID-19 Resources - Meal Providers

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