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Cute Baby Shower Cake Ideas to Lit up Baby Shower Party

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A baby shower party is a cute affair and to make the baby shower all the more engaging and fantastic, a baby shower cake idea will be like an icing on the cake. Here are 15 amazing baby shower cake ideas for your baby shower party.

1 Baby Coming Cake – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

A cute cake for your cute little baby to come will be just perfect to welcome him/ her. This is one of the unique and eye catching baby shower cake ideas starting for the list of baby shower cake ideas.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Baby coming

2 Welcome JOJO!

Not necessary you name your baby as JOJO but you can put your baby’s nickname as you want and welcome him/her with the nickname written on the cake.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Welcome BAby Jojo


3 Unicorn Horse Cake

Kids love unicorn horse and with the rising use of technology, a lot of kids love the game unicorn dash. This has increased the love for unicorn horse amongst kids by leaps and bounds.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Unicorn Horse

4 Animal Cartoon

Kids love cartoon especially animal cartoons. A cake meant to resemble what kids love will be quite good for baby shower cake ideas.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Animal Cartoon

Cocktail party


5 Simple Baby Cake

If you want a simple and unique cake for your baby shower party then, this is the one for you!

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Baby 2

6 Baby T shirt – Baby Shower Cake Ideas

This is one of the most love baby shower cake ideas on the list. The uniqueness of this cake idea is the design of a t shirt. Isn’t it?

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Baby T shirt Cake

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7 Oh Boy! Baby Shower Cake Ideas

What if it’s a boy? Then this one is absolutely perfect for your baby boy.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Boy

8 Can’t Wait to See!

Having a baby is a one big milestone in anyone’s life and it’s a one big achievement to experience in life. You definitely can’t wait to experience this beautiful feeling of having a baby.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Can't Wait to S

9 Baby Shower Cake Ideas

Baby shower has to be about the baby and what better than a cake with baby written on it.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Baby


10 Cute Little Baby

This is another cute baby cake for your ecstatic baby shower party. The cake will resemble the baby perfectly.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Cute Baby

11 Rubber Ducky Cake

Kids love rubber duck and this rubber duck will definitely make the day for a fantastic baby shower party.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Rubber Ducky

12 Milk Bottle cake

Milk is the most loved fluid for kids and they enjoy having it. Hence, this cake is surely a one to think about for a baby shower idea.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Milk Bottle

13 Gender Question Cake

A curious cake idea is a unique and new thing in the market. This cake is about the curiuosity everyone has about the baby.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Gender Qts Cake

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14 Twinkle- Twinkle little star

Being a kid, we all have sang this cute twinkle-twinkle poem and a cake on it will serve as  quite a suitable idea.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Moon and the Star

15 Animal Cartoon Cake – 2

Kids are always fascinated about animals and they love playing with animal toys. This is a simple yet lovely baby shower cake idea for the baby shower party.

Baby Shower Cake Ideas- Elephant

We hope you liked all the baby shower cake ideas and one of them will surely make it to your

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