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Top 15 Designer Wedding Sarees to make you Stand out

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Designer wedding sarees are an inevitable part of Indian celebrations. Although, red is the most favored color for wedding saris they are always the traditional garment choice for brides in Indian culture. It is aesthetically pleasing and compliments every other aspect of the bridal look. Indian weddings are special for everyone concerned. However, it is the most important day for the bride in her life. It is one day when every eye in the room is looking at her. Therefore, the bridal outfit has to be the best one. While bridal lehenga is slowly gaining popularity as Indian wedding attire, many brides still search for the best wedding sarees for their special day. Having said that, with the current popularity of silk, silk Banarasi wedding sarees have also become a hot option among soon-to-be brides.

A wedding is the most important day for the bride in her life. It is one day when every eye in the room is looking at her. Therefore, the bridal outfit has to be the best one. While bridal lehenga is slowly gaining popularity as Indian wedding attire, many brides still search for the best wedding sarees for their special day. There is no match to the grace and elegance of an Indian saree, is old news. No wonder generations of women opted for the timeless nine yards on their wedding days – all our moms included!

Here are 15 beautiful designer wedding sarees that are chic and very easy to carry. These will surely make you look perfect.

1. Tissue Silk Designer Wedding Sarees

Tissue silk sarees are fine sheer silk well known for their distinctive characteristics of uniform structure, strength, and flexibility. The fabric is a zari thread as fine as silk thread. Fabric or saree Owen by alternating threads one direct silk thread and another is a fabric thread as shown above. Opt for a  tissue silk sari with a fancy blouse along with a metallic dupatta. Keep it super stylish with light jewelry and a low bun! This is perfect for your cocktail party look.

tissue metallic silk designer wedding sarees

2. Classic Benarasi Saree

Choosing a classic red benarasi saree is always the way to go. It is elegant and chic. They have always delivered great performances.

benarasi designer wedding sarees

3. Chikankari Designer Wedding Sarees

This one is surely stylish and elegant.  wear a heavy statement choker with an embroidered blouse for an amped-up look.

chikankari designer wedding sarees

4. Lace Bordered Designer Wedding Sarees

These sarees are usually embellished with scalloped borders or designs in silver thread. When you wear a lace saree, ensure that it is the highlight of your ensemble. Either wear a crochet lace saree with a solid-colored blouse or wear a designed lacy blouse with a plain saree in net fabric. Here is an attractive ensemble with a net embroidered drape. Wear an elegant choker as a necklace, and you are good to go.

lace bordered designer wedding sarees

5. Seesham Saree

This sindoori makhmal Sheesham sari paired with a bajoo choli makes the cut if you’re all for royalty and ethnic beauty!

sheesham designer wedding sarees

6. Organza and Silk Designer Wedding Sarees

Organza silk saree as the name suggests is crafted from a unique fabric known as organza. It is a lightweight, plain weave, sheer fabric that is made from silkThis sari featuring floral motifs made in delicate organza and sheer silk on an Italian tulle base is apt to achieve the graceful bride look. A mélange of blush, aqua, and coral flowers leave a sense of harmony with Swarovski crystals that wink at you from day through the night

organza and silk Designer Wedding Sarees

7. Embroidered Sarees

This pinkish pearl-embroidered drape sari is apt for those brides who do not want to ditch the glamour, regardless of the venue or season.

embroidered Designer Wedding Sarees

8. Sheer Sarees

In recent years, we have witnessed saree becoming not just favorite amongst Indians but also worldwide. With such worldwide influence, embroidered sarees have also seen a shift from being just ethnic to becoming a fashion trend. One such influence is the sheer saree. A sheer Mint saree embroidered using laser-cut flowers and embellished with iridescent sequin, tassels, and 3D sequin flowers. This is your pick for something royal yet easy to carry and elegant all at once.

sheer Designer Wedding Sarees

9. Red Designer Wedding Sarees

You cannot do without embracing the most precious color of an Indian bridal ensemble. Opt for this red Mashru sky blue border sari and pair it up with an elegant pearl set!

red Designer Wedding Sarees

10. Linen Designer Wedding Sarees

The exquisite craftsmanship of thread work on linen fabric with modern design aesthetics makes this grey sari a delight for your wedding day.

grey Designer Wedding Sarees

11. Heirloom Sarees

Are you in possession of an heirloom sari that was passed down to you? No time like your wedding to bring it out! Wear that gotta work or Patan Potala for the Roka ceremony or welcome lunch.

heirloom Designer Wedding Sarees

12. Jumpsuit Designer Wedding Sarees

It combines the traditional drape with forward-thinking. These are all about maximum impact with minimum effort. If you want to look sleek and structured, this has got to be your pick.

jumpsuit Designer Wedding Sarees

13. Pastel Sarees

Soft pastels in tones previously considered unconventional are the new hits. Mint, sage green, peach, powder blue, buttercup yellow—nothing is off-limits. Opt for these to stand out.

pastel Designer Wedding Sarees

14. Ruffled Sarees

This ethnic garment keeps on reinventing itself in terms of design, style, color, fabric, and draping style, and currently, the ruffle sarees are gaining popularity among many women. These sarees create a stunning fishtail effect and beautifully highlight your lower body. Add more fun to your bridal wardrobe with a dance-friendly ruffled sari. This revival of the retro favorite is a winning choice for events like the mehndi or sangeet.

ruffled Designer Wedding Sarees

15. Double Pallu Designer Wedding Sarees

 The double pallu saree is literally a saree with two pallus, one draped normally and the other pallu, you can do whatever you want with it! Yes, get your imagination running and experiment crazy with the second pallu to reinvent or add a fun element to your saree. The easiest way to dress up your sari to make it wedding-appropriate is to play around with the drape of the pallu, or better still, add another one.

double pallu designer wedding sarees

These designer wedding sarees are all things subtle and elegant. They add a touch of femininity to every look. Bookmark your favorites!

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