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Destination Wedding vs Local Wedding: Which One is Better?

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Since years, marriage has been a major issue of an individual’s life, which does not only relate to the person getting married but also his family. Love or arranged? These are the only options with which we move forward towards the crucial decision. Once this phase passes, comes the question of deciding the wedding date. What would be the best time? Some choose it to do it early while some take their own time. Finally, the venue!! Where would I like to have y wedding? So,we can classify a marriage ceremony into two categories- Destination Wedding & Local Wedding.

Preferences for the location vary with person to person, depending on their financial status and convenience. But which is actually better than the other one? Lets put some light on it and have a look at few aspects of both that make them stand at different positions.

Budget in Wedding:

Consider these factors while planning for a destination wedding.You would have to shell out a fortune to have a grand marriage ceremony to woo your guests. Tickets, accommodation, food and other miscellaneous expenses,etc. would be tough on your pocket.

Local marriage are at the safer side in respects of travelling and accommodations. You know how to get perfect vendors and how to get discounts from them. Even the rates of various things vary place to place and probably you would be good at bargaining too!

Destination & Local Weddings budget


Wedding Guest list:

Holding a destination wedding is a best way to cut out the ones whom you dont want to attend your wedding. Some of them might cancel coming at the place by themselves and some of them you could cancel from inviting. After all, travelling so far and staying there for long, your dearest ones only could consider it.

Talking about a typical Indian marriage, actual visitors at your wedding would cross your guest list. You should prepare yourself to welcome more number of guests than you have calculated while planning. This could be one of the drawbacks of having it in your residential town.

Destination & Local Weddings guest list

Honeymoon destination:

What if the destination of your wedding be the same where you will decide to go for honeymoon? This could fulfill both the requirements and preferably you could wait at the location for few more days after your marriage ceremony.

Going for honeymoon after the hectic wedding celebration could be a tedious job for some. It becomes better to hold on for some days post marriage before you plan on going for a long trip.

Destination & Local Weddings


Wedding Reception:

There are pros and cons of both weddings relating to how much you want to spend. If you are looking forward to throw a reception party, then it would be good to have it after a destination wedding as many of them will fail to attend your marriage. But, you can either save your money by not having a reception.

Local marriage could be considered as the reception too.

Destination & Local Weddings

Exertion of Wedding Planning:

Honeymoon destination you all can handle wholesomely by the wedding planner before your arrival. Though you’ll have to spend a lot on it, it will fulfill your desire of having a perfect marriage.

In local marriage, you have choices of either hiring a planner or skip on it. Planning a wedding by yourself could be a great fun and memorable experience.

Destination & Local Weddings planning pitfalls-how to deal

Something Special:

If you want everyone to remember your special day, a perfect destination marriage ceremony could surely do that by letting your guests have a special time which they wont ever forget. Also, ask your guests to perform a dance with you and your would be spouse. Check here the top playlist of marriage songs!

Local marriage could be held as simple as you want it to be.

Destination & Local Weddings


We cannot make a perfect verdict that which kind of marriage is the best. At the end of the day, it all depends on your choices, budget and convenience. We wanted to present you with a wider perspective which we did. So,go ahead and make your marriage one of the best weddings people will ever attend.

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  1. I really liked the way the contrast between the two has been put forth. I would anyday go for a destination wedding. It is the best way of making your special day even better. Great post!

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