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15 Stunning Diamond Cocktail Ring Ideas

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Events, such as wedding receptions, are typically preceded by a cocktail hour. Prepare yourselves for the cocktails coming your way. It is a great opportunity for guests to socialize.  Diamond Cocktail ring designs are just what you need to add a tad of dazzle to your look. Even though your wedding ring is the main attraction, but that does not mean we can take these stunning cocktail rings lightly.

Diamond cocktail ring designs are just as historic and hold just as much symbolism of the wedding itself, if not more. The diamond or diamonds decorating the ring represent eternity. It has an enduring nature and strength. Adding a diamond to your wedding ring is the perfect way to symbolize your marriage and another way to let your partner know you love them. A diamond is forever, just like your love should be. Through the centuries, this gemstone has proven itself to be a great symbol of strength and durability. This is exactly the kind of message your diamond wedding ring is sending – one of a strong marriage based on loyalty and love.

These rings come in a wide variety with an array of precious and semi-precious gems to choose from, making it next to impossible to ignore, and when chosen correctly they definitely make heads turn! For their artistic craft and paramount charm, these are an accessory that appeals to the hearts and fancies of every woman. While some of them would be rooting for the classic huge stone rings, others would be hearting over a rather contemporary design.

These are just what you need to add a tad of dazzle to your look. These beautiful cocktail rings are a statement for sure! And as a bride, you pay attention to each and every aspect of your look. So why not adore your hands with cocktail rings and make them look stunning? We are sure that a statement ring can transform your entire look in seconds. These ones will totally amp up your looks.

Take a look at these and pick your favorites

1. Hearts in a Diamond Cocktail Ring

Wear your heart on your hand, literally! This stunning diamond cocktail ring boasts of floral trellises and a heart with a tiny heart at the center! This ring is to be worn on the middle finger as well as the ring finger.

heart shape rose gold with marquise diamonds

2. The Emerald Drop

This stunning diamond ring is carved in floral shapes. They are placed in a repetitive pattern around a divine emerald gem drop. This one is absolutely perfect for your cocktail evening. This will have all your guests staring. It will adorn your fingers beautifully.

emerald drop rose gold with marquise diamonds

3. Triad Diamond Cocktail Ring

This one is laden with three tiers of small diamond fragments. It finally sits around three levels of pure diamonds belted with three bands.

3 tier rose gold with marquise diamonds

4. Multi-layered Cocktail Ring

Set in rose gold with marquise diamonds, this cocktail ring is truly one-of-its-kind! This can also work as an engagement ring idea.

marquise rose gold rose gold with marquise diamonds

5. Diamond Cocktail Ring Dandelion

A dandelion is delicate yet firm in the face of strong winds, isn’t it? Just like this unique dandelion-like rose gold cocktail ring set with diamonds!

dandelion Diamond Cocktail Rings

6. Celestial Cluster

Not one, not two but 4 different solitaires make up this beautiful cluster diamond cocktail ring!

celestial cluster Diamond Cocktail Rings

7. A Mélange of Colors

Here’s a diamond ring with Keshi pearls, diamonds, and a Russian emerald! This one is going to shine the brightest. It may go well with pastel or even embroidered wedding lehengas.

keshi pearl Diamond Cocktail Rings

8. Prong setting Diamond Cocktail Ring

This ring setting has small metal claws that tightly grip the center stone and hold it in place. You can choose the prong design – rounded, flat, pointed, or V-shaped – that best suits your center stone. This ring set has a minimum presence of metal and allows you to show off your center stone. It offers a classic, timeless look that you can wear with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Additionally, this setting makes it easy for you to clean and maintain your ring.

prong Diamond Cocktail Rings

9. Sapphire and Emerald Cocktail Ring

These are some gorgeous sapphire and emerald cocktail rings with diamonds that are perfect for any bridal outfit. Be it blue or green, or any different color, you can wear everything with these rings. What’s more? These are studded amid gorgeous diamonds.

sapphire Diamond Cocktail Rings

10. Belle of the Ball Diamond Cocktail Ring

A cocktail ring like this one is sure to bring out the bling factor in your engagement look and make it go soaring off the charts. If you fancy elaborated accessories, then this ring will be the perfect one for you. The ring is fashioned to mimic a doll dressed in a ballroom gown. How flawless is this design?!

belle of the ball Diamond Cocktail Rings

11. Bouquet Diamond Cocktail Ring

Make this piece your own. This one has diamonds placed in the form of a floral bouquet along with gold linings underneath. This will look gorgeous with your engagement outfit.

bouquet Diamond Cocktail Rings

12. Half & Half Design

This one is a half and half emerald encrusted diamond ring. It forms a shape of two crescents meeting in the center. This one is really elegant and you get to be the showstopper.

half and half Diamond Cocktail Rings

13. Ruby Encrusted Diamond Cocktail Ring

This simple yet stunning one with the giant ruby and attached harness is a catch for sure.

ruby diamond cocktail ring


14. Lotus Design

A glorious creation, this diamond embedded deluxe lotus floral duo in two tones is purely divine. Bag this creation today. You can save it up to wear on any of your other wedding festivities. This one will surely get all the limelight.

lotus Diamond Cocktail Rings

15. Polki Diamond Ring

Give your look a royal touch with this medley of the pink and red swirling rings surrounded by uncut Polki diamonds.  This design with superiorly designed stylized fragments is truly an exceptional creation.

polki Diamond Cocktail Rings

Diamond Cocktail Ring designs are one of those most dainty and fabulous ornaments that brides can wear even at the last moment without any hassle and if chosen wisely this jewelry piece can truly accentuate the overall bridal outfit look. We’ve carefully curated the dreamiest cocktail rings to match your bridal avatar and make people go “oh! so fabulous”. Save the pictures away!

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