Fire Up Your Diwali With These Fun Diwali Party Game Ideas!

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Diwali is one of the most awaited festivals of the year! Delicious food, exchange of gifts, new traditional clothes, decorated homes and not to forget diyas and firecrackers are what makes this festival of lights so joyous and exciting! This year, 2020 hasn’t been any good for any of us so far. But this shouldn’t be a hurdle in celebrating Diwali this year as long as we are taking all the precautions to ensure our safety as well the safety of our family members. Make this Diwali an eco-friendly one! BookEventz has come up with a list of fun and exciting Diwali party game ideas that you should definitely play with your family this coming Diwali to keep the festive mood alive! Check them out!

Here are a few Diwali party game ideas:

1. Diya Decoration- Diwali Party Game:

Diya Decoration, Diwali Party Game Ideas
Diya Decoration

This game can be played by children as well as adults. All you have to do is get some diyas, paints, and other stuff to decorate the diyas with like glitters and all. Give one diya to each person participating in the game along with the decorating items. Set a time limit within which they have to decorate the diya. Let one person who’s not participating be the judge. The judge of this competition will declare who best decorated the diya, and that winner will be given some gift or prize.

2. Card Game/Patte- Diwali Party Game:

Card game/Patte, Diwali Party Game Ideas
Card game/Patte

One of the most popular games to play on Diwali is cards or as we like to call it, patte. It is a popular belief that while playing cards, the goddess of wealth Laxmi gives her blessings and smiles upon the person playing the game! There are so many games to play with cards like Satte pe Satta, Teen Do Paanch, Bluff/Challenge, and so much more! So get your cards out and start playing!

3. Fancy Dress Competition- Diwali Party Game:

Fancy dress competition, Diwali Party Game Ideas
Fancy dress competition

There’s no doubt that children love fancy dress competitions! It allows them to explore what they wanna be and brings out their creativity. For this competition, you can select a theme for eg. Diwali colours as a theme. Kids can then dress up according to the shades of red, yellow, orange, or whatever they feel like! It will be fun to see what they choose to be and how they dress up!

4. Rangoli Competition- Diwali Party Game:

Rangoli Competition, Diwali Party Game Ideas
Rangoli Competition

Diwali gives us so many opportunities to bring out our creative side like making beautiful rangolis! This can be turned into a competition which will be a fun and exciting task! You can get different colours for the rangolis or flowers, whatever you prefer. There will be a time limit and each participant has to finish a rangoli within that. In case there are a lot of people then teams of 2-3 can be made. After the rangolis are made the judge will decide which one’s the best and a prize will be handed over to the winner.

5. Laddo Making- Diwali Party Game:

Laddo Making, Diwali Party Game Ideas
Laddo Making

Diwali is also all about sweets! And when it comes to sweets, no one can resist the ever-delicious Besan ke Ladoos. For this ladoo making game, get all the ingredients ready such as besan, sugar, dry fruits, ghee and set up a time limit. Each participant has to make as much perfect round ladoos as they can make in the given time limit. The one who makes the most amount of ladoos will be the winner! Kids, as well as adults, will absolutely love this fun game filled with sweetness!

6. Statue Dance- Diwali Party Game:

Statue Dance, Diwali Party Game Ideas
Statue Dance

This game involving so much dancing as grooving is our absolute favourite! This is such a simple and fun game. Everyone has to dance as long as the music is playing, the moment the song stops, everyone has to freeze immediately in whichever position they were in. The one who moves even slightly will be out the game, and the person remaining till the last is the winner!

We hope you liked these fun Diwali game ideas for the upcoming Diwali! Play with your friends and family and have loads of fun! Also, stay safe.

Thanks for reading!

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