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Birthday Party

DIY Ideas for Birthday Decoration at Home

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DIY birthday party décor is very famous among us. And people say, on your birthday you should “Go Big or Go Home”. But if your the kinda person who doesn’t live by that rule, just bring the ‘Big’ into your home! All you’ll need is a list of DIY birthday party décor that you can use to make your home party ready.

Don’t worry, BookEventZ has made a list of easy DIY Birthday decoration ideas that you can use to bring the party to your home. So tickle that creative bone in your body and get crafting.  Although if you’re not the DIY kind, BookEventZ has you covered with the best and most trusted birthday decorators that can handle the look of your place.

1. Tassel Balloons

Balloons filled with helium can be decorated further with paper tassels on the bottom. So, these paper tassels are easy to make with some crepe paper cut from the bottom and some twine to tie the top. And you can use a combination of colors to bring more color or suit the theme of your birthday party. So, this will be one of the option for DIY birthday party décor.

Tassel Balloons
Birthday Party Theme

2. Ice Cream Stick Table Mats

This is a creative way to bring a little color onto your table. And all you need for this DIY is a couple Ice-cream Sticks, tape and watercolors. So, color them in any design you want and then use them as table mats, centerpiece mats or even coasters.

Ice Cream Stick Table Mats, themed birthday party
Birthday Party Decorations

Birthday Party Décor

3. Balloons Filled with Confetti

Balloons filled with confetti is a simple but elegant piece of décor. So, these can be hung from streamers or filled with helium. And all you need to for this DIY is balloons, confetti and a strong lung. You can choose to use glitter instead of confetti for a more classy theme.

Balloons Filled with Confetti
Birthday Party Theme

4. Photo Number DIY Birthday Party Décor

Photos are the best way to walk through a person’s life and if your planning a surprise birthday party or a kids birthday party, this form of décor will steal the show. So, you can place them on a cardboard or just use a bare wall as a canvas to stick them. For an additional personal touch, you can stick to a color scheme like black and white.

Photo Number DIY birthday party décor
Birthday Party Theme



5. Archway of Balloons DIY Birthday Party Décor

Balloons decorated in the shape of an arch make an amazing statement for an entryway. So, pick the colors of the balloons based on the theme you’ve selected. And use some twine to tie the balloons and shape it in an arch. So, you can select this DIY if you plan to celebrate the party on your terrace or your building garden. And the pictures below are from one of BookEventZ Mowgli Birthday Theme parties.

birthday party
Birthday Party Theme

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6. Ping Pong balls and String lights

This is an easy upgrade to those old Christmas lights lying around the house. So, cut a small hole into a ping pong ball and simply place it over the lights on the string lights. And this small little hack will simple string lights look extravagant. So, you can hang them on the wall or through the ceiling or even lace them on the dining table.  

75th birthday party ideas
Birthday Party Decoration

7. Balloon Number

Still got some extra balloons lying around after all the previous DIYs? Well worry not, you can shape the balloons into the age of the birthday person. So, check out BookEventZ Birthday Celebration for more ideas like these.

Number Baloons
Birthday Party Decoration

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8. Tassel streamers

These paper tassels can also be decorated into streamers that can be hung from the walls. So, use crepe papers colored in the theme of the birthday party and some twine for the streamer. And you can also shape the streamer in the form of the birthday person’s age or hang them from the ceiling.

Tassel streamers
Birthday Party Decorations


9. Balloons with Pictures

This is a nice personal touch to the décor for a surprise party. So, pictures that show important moments in the person’s life and the people they’re most close to. If you don’t have helium you can fill the balloon with air normally and then stick the top of the balloon onto the ceiling with some tape.

Balloons with Pictures
Birthday Party Decoration

So here it was a collection of Birthday Party Décor Ideas that you can use to decorate for the big birthday party at home. Although just call us at BookEventZ if you would like some help in the creative department, cause we’ve got a team of amazing decorators just for you.

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