7 diy cocktail recipes for cocktail party
Cocktail Party

8 DIY Super Easy and Instant Cocktail Recipes to Spice up Your Party

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Organizing a badass cocktail house party? Why not try out delicious DIY cocktail recipes to spice up your party with some personal touch. These cocktails require only couple of minutes and very few ingredients to get done with the task. So, lets have a look at some of the classic and easy drinks which are just ready to hit the party anytime.

The Gimlet

The Gimlet is ‘20s inspired classic gin-and-sweetened-lime-juice cocktail. Easy to make, it requires only two ingredients. Add 2 parts of gin with 1/4 parts of lime juice in a shaker with ice, and then strain it  into a cocktail glass. Serve it with a lime wedge.

diy cocktail party recipe gimlet

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Cuba Libre

Another classic cocktail, good old white rum with Coke has never disappointed people since its origin in ‘20s. To make this mouth-watery cocktail, add some ice to Collins glass with white rum in it and fill it up with cold Coca-Cola. To add some more flavor, muddle a piece of lime and add it in the glass before the ice. There it is, Cuba Libre with the nostalgic retro taste.

diy cocktail party recipes cuba libre


The Shandy

Shandy is pretty easy recipe which also requires not more than two ingredients. It is a cocktail drink with beer and lemonade.You can add both the ingredients in equal parts and Just add ice. Stir it and viola!! Your Shandy is all ready to muss you up.

diy cocktail recipes the shandy


Pina Colada

Quite a popular sweet cocktail, it is easy to make requiring just one shot of good white rum in a glass filled with ice and one part of coconut milk. Mix it up with 3 parts of pineapple juice and blend it real smooth. Garnish it with some pineapple slices and its ready to be served to the party animals.

diy cocktail recipes pinacolada


Arnold Palmer

Before it was just an innocent non-alcoholic drink named after the American golfer, Arnold Palmer, with iced tea and lemonade.But now it has got an edgy boozy twist. To make the non-innocent version, fill the Collins glass with lemonade and mix it up with sweet tea vodka and ice.

diy cocktail recipes the arnold palmer


Gin Cucumber Basil Smash

One of the amazing summer drinks, this cocktail doesn’t require lot of time and efforts. Just muddle few basil leaves and mix it with cucumber and simple syrup. Add gin and lemon juice. Shake it vigorously and pour the mixture in an iced double rocks cocktail glass. Garnish with couple of basil leaves and a slice of cucumber. Good to go!

diy cocktail recipes gin cucumber basil smash



Mojito is a great classic cocktail which is way too popular. It requires five easily available ingredients- lime juice, mint leaves, club soda, sugar and the lead ingredient white rum. You need to mix 4 parts of white rum to 3 parts of lime juice. Muddle some mint leaves with sugar and mix it with the earlier mixture in an iced Collins glass. Stick out the mint leaves and serve it with a straw.

diy cocktail recipes mojito



It is a popular vodka cocktail. The drink which contains two ingredients of vodka and orange juice is served in many divine combinations. Add 1 part vodka with 2 parts orange juice on the rocks in a highball glass. Garnish it with a nice orange slice. Serve it and drive people crazy.

diy cocktail recipes screwdriver


Here goes a boozy list of irresistible cocktails to give a kick start to your private yet smashing party. One advice – Consider keeping the different cocktails at different spots by creating small stations in different rooms. Dont stock them all at one place. Also, having to travel to different rooms to grab hold of different cocktails just add more fun to the party.


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