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20 Latest Dulhan Mehendi Designs that Modern Brides Adored

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeDec 4, 2023

Explore bridal elegance with 20+ Dulhan Mehendi Designs. From intricate paisleys to delicate florals, each design adds timeless charm to the bride’s special day.

No matter how much fun the other ceremonies give, the real joy comes during the Mehendi Ceremony. Finding a perfect mehendi design can be difficult as you might only sometimes get what you want. If you have run out of options and are confused about what type of design should you stick with, we have come up with a solution. These dulhan mehendi designs will inspire you to the core. After swimming the internet, we have handpicked some best dulhan mehendi designs for you. Whether you are looking for a simply beautiful or an intricately unique mehendi design, we have one for every taste.

Check out these handpicked Dulhan Mehendi Designs.

The ‘Iconic Proposal’ Design

proposal design - dulhan mehendi designs

We know that your proposal was one of a kind, you can consider incorporating that in your mehendi design. In this mehendi design, a man goes down on his knees to propose to his woman, and a cute text that says “Will you marry me?” 

Portrait Mehendi Design

portrait design - dulhan mehendi designs

It is time to break every norm of your relationship goals by having your and your groom’s portrait incorporated into the mehendi design. Along with the portraits, it has some intricate patterns like florals, leaves, jaal patterns, etc, that increase the overall beauty of this mehendi design.

Custom-styled Design

custom design - dulhan mehendi designs

If you have some precursor personal adornments then you can consider having a personalized mehendi design. This bride chose to add the word ‘Sanam’ which might have some significance for her and her groom-to-be. Surrounding that word are intricate patterns like florals, jaal designs, latkan designs, etc.

Head Banger Design

rock design - dulhan mehendi designs

If you are a rock fan and want to incorporate that in your design then this is something you can consider. Look at this cool bride that incorporated various rock music elements in the mehendi design, with other detailed patterns like flowers, leaves, and much more.

Space-ious Mehendi Design

astronaut design - dulhan mehendi designs

Are you a fan of astronomy and love everything about the universe and the space within? If yes, you must try this mehendi design. This bride inculcated cutesy astronauts in space suits that accentuated the overall look of the mehendi design.

Parrot and Peacock

parrot and peacock - dulhan mehendi designs

We know that you adore nature and its heavenly creatures. Hence, we think you should consider this mehendi design with parrots and peacocks incorporated in it. This adorable mehendi design also has different floral patterns, leaves, tiny chains, etc that complement the birds very well.

Full Hand Floral

full hand floral - dulhan mehendi designs

It’s your wedding, don’t leave any stone unturned. Fill both hands with various intricate floral patterns, peacock patterns, jaal designs, etc, and make your design stand out. 

Paisleys Design

paisleys design - dulhan mehendi designs

If you want an amalgamation of the elements then this mehendi design is perfect for you. The paisleys in this design are the center of attraction. Compliment this design with various patterns like netted designs, jaal patterns, florals, etc.

Taaj-styled Design

taaj design - dulhan mehendi designs

If you like domes then this Taaj-styled design is something you can consider for your dulhan mehendi designs. This one also has many detailed patterns like swirls, florals, paisleys, etc, that add to the elegance of the design.

Simple Backhand Design

simple backhand - dulhan mehendi designs

If you don’t want that burden of sitting for endless hours for a mehendi design then this simple design is something you should look up to. The singular chains with tiny leaves and simple floral patterns make this design one of a kind. If you are out of ideas on back hand mehendi designs, check out this.

Rajasthani Design

rajasthani design - dulhan mehendi designs

Flaunt your mehendi look with this pretty Rajasthani mehendi design, filled with paisleys, flowers, and other patterns. This adorable design is one of the best dulhan mehendi designs you will ever come across. If you are a Rajasthani bride and need ideas on makeup, check out these Rajasthani Bridal makeup ideas.

Half and Half Design

half and half - dulhan mehendi designs

A half-and-half design is a risk-free mehendi design to which you could adhere if you don’t want to experiment. The lotus motifs, leaves, spirals, squared patterns, criss-cross patterns, etc make this design stand out. 

Full Leg Design

full leg - dulhan mehendi designs

An interesting mehendi design for your leg that is an irresistible one. This cutesy leg design has floral patterns, jaal patterns, swirls, etc that accentuate the overall look of this mehendi design. For more ideas on bridal legs mehendi designs, check this out.

Arabic Mehendi Design

arabic design - dulhan mehendi designs

If you want something of a classic then this arabic mehendi design is the answer. This mehendi design has intricate leaves and floral patterns, checkered patterns, chain patterns, and many other patterns, resulting in an irresistible look. If you adore this design then we have a wide collection of stunning arabic mehendi designs that you must check out.

The Un-USA-al Design

usa design - dulhan mehendi designs

This symmetrical mehendi design has elements of the USA like the Statue of Liberty and other iconic elements. It also has other patterns like floral motifs, paisleys, jaal patterns, etc. 

Fusion Design

fusion design - dulhan mehendi designs

Are you someone who can’t bear the simplicity of a risk-free mehendi design and has the urge to experiment with your mehendi design? This fusion mehendi design is something you should adhere to. The elephants, the jaimala ceremony, and the mangal sutra ritual are just a few of the elements of this never-seen-before mehendi design. If you like to fill your hands with henna then you must check out these beautiful full hand mehendi designs.

Moroccan Dulhan Mehendi Designs

moroccan - dulhan mehendi designs

If you are confused about which mehendi design to have then this is an assured design that you will adore no matter what kind of taste you have. The fine strokes of this Moroccan mehendi design will make you fall for it. Along with the arrow patterns, the chain patterns, and the band-like pattern are something that elevates the look of this mehendi design.

Baraat Design

baraat - dulhan mehendi designs

We liked this idea of incorporating the whole baraat ritual in a mehendi design. The proposal, the dulha on ghodi, and the dulhan on doli are the elements responsible for the beauty of this mehendi design. Along with these elements, it also has many other intricate patterns like swirls, spirals, floral motifs, etc that add to the beauty of this design.

A Super Intricate Design

super intricate - dulhan mehendi designs

This mehendi design is not everyone’s cup of tea as you might need to sit patiently for many hours to get this design done on your hands. This highly intricate design has bold leaves, chains, spirals, and other patterns that elevate the overall look of this mehendi design.

Jewelry Design

jewelry design - dulhan mehendi designs

A minimal mehendi design that has a jewelry-type pattern is something you will adore. This backhand mehendi design is cute and an irresistible one. 

These are some of the dulhan mehendi designs that you can have on your hands and feet and elevate your look tenfold.

Thanks for reading the blog and we hope you found the information and ideas helpful.

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