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12 Unique & Romantic Engagement Gift Ideas for Couple

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It’s such a task to find the perfect gift for your friend who is getting engaged, isn’t it? You definitely want to gift something unique but equally romantic. So here are all the some unique and romantic engagement gift ideas –

  1. Personalised Gift Box Cutting Board – Engagement Gift Ideas

The cutting board is one such unique idea where a customised box is gifted to the couple. You can put anything of in the box like some beautiful couple’s photos or love notes, etc. The choice is all yours!

Engagement Gift Ideas - Cutting Board

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  1. Couple Shadow Gift Box

This sweet couple shadow gift box will lighten up the couple’s bedroom with this wonderful shadow of their love. This is a must check out couple shadow gift box.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Shadow Gift Box

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  1. Custom Couple Portrait

This simple couple portrait is one of the cutest engagement gift ideas which the couple can keep with themselves for life. The couple can hang this on their bedroom wall and cherish it for life.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Couple portrait

  1. Scrapbook Album

The scrapbook album is another fantastic engagement gift idea on the list. This beautiful idea will make the couple feel butterflies in the stomach every time they look at this.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Scrapbook Album

  1. Personalised Engagement Ornament

Personalised gifts are always heart touching and hence this one will too touch their hearts.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Personalised Ornament

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  1. Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art

This absolutely unique heart snapshot mix photo art gift is one to watch out as the heart snapshot is created with the photos of the couple.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Heart Snapshot Mix Photo Art

  1. Bride-To-Be Book – Engagement Gift Ideas

A simple and lovely bride to be book for the bride is perfect to melt the bride’s heart. The couple can keep this book in their book shelf and of course craft in their hearts as well.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Bride to be book

  1. Newlywed Table Book

The couple can read this funny book and brighten up their faces with beautiful smiles.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Newlywed Table Book

  1. Mr. & Mrs. Bath Robe

This is one of the cosy and sensual engagement gift ideas for the couple. Check it out!

Engagement Gift Ideas - Wedding Countdown

  1. Engagement Portrait

Hang this engagement portrait on a wall of your bedroom and feel love all around the room.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Mr. & Mrs. Bath Robe

  1. Happily Ever After Picture Frame

Picture frames have always been in the trend but the stand out part of this frame is the ‘happily ever after’ lifetime cherishing words along with the couple’s photo.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Happily Ever After Picture Frame

  1. Moon Lamp – Engagement Gift Ideas

With this moon lamp, your every night is going to shine out like never before.

Engagement Gift Ideas - Moon Lamp

We know one of them will definitely make it to your list of engagement gift ideas. Follow us on Instagram for more updates.


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