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Ways to Express Gratitude this Thanksgiving Day 2019

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How often do we rush through our lives without stopping for a breath, refusing to slow down and look at all the wonderful things that pass us by?  As we speed through our days in all the hullabaloo just existing without really living, Thanksgiving Day arrives, a subtle reminder that Dr. Suess makes so much sense:

“Because when you stop and look around, this life is pretty amazing.”

Regardless of what you feel about Thanksgiving (what with it not being a part of the eastern culture), the message it represents is important- that each and every one of us has a lot to be grateful for. And what can be more beautiful than taking out a day of our lives to appreciate people who make it better?

So this Thanksgiving 2019, we give you a list of people you should be grateful for and ways to express your gratitude when words fall short.

this thanksgiving, express gratitude to people you love

1. Cook your parents a special Thanksgiving meal

No matter what your relationship with your parents, you cannot deny that you have so much to be thankful for that words of gratitude will always remain powerless as a medium of expression. However, feeling gratitude and not expressing it is worse. This Thanksgiving, show your parents how a lack of expression is not the same as ingratitude. Take the day off and give your mother a rest. Cook your parents a special meal, help around the house and above everything, spend quality time with them. These are the two people you can always turn to and it is important that they know you acknowledge it.

cook a meal

2. Plan a day out with your siblings this Thanksgiving Day

You may have grown up fighting over the remote or practicing your kickboxing skills on each other, but if there’s one bond that time will never tarnish, it is your relationship with your siblings. And though the thought of thanking them sounds absurd to you right now, the expression is important. Especially if you are in different cities, living dynamic lives of your own. Plan an outing with them and exchange updates on your lives. You never know- wise advises can come from the unlikeliest of sources! If meeting them is not possible this Thanksgiving day, ride the digital waves and send them a text or an email. What’s more? You can even lookup phrases for expressing your gratitude if you aren’t feeling too flowery- after all, they did steal the remote.

Plan a picnic

3. Make your significant other feel special

This one is easy. You know you have a lot to be grateful for because you have someone who loves you and puts up with you despite all your little quirks. Show them how grateful you are that you have them to come back home to- someone that you can be unprecedentedly yourself with. Cook them a special Thanksgiving dinner, or take up all the chores of the household for a day. Let them lay back and relax. Watch the match with him, skip the match and watch that movie with her.

make your spouse feel special

4. Express a formal thanks to your Boss/Colleagues

This one can be tricky. Your relationship with the people at your workplace is not as casual as with the rest of those in your life. In this case, resort to formal gifting methods- write a note/letter expressing thanks, buy them flowers-  this Thanksgiving day, show them that you are grateful they’re a part of your life.

formal thank you notes

5. Celebrate Thanksgiving Day serving your community

The community you’re a part of plays a big part in your life, no matter how insignificant the effects may seem to you. And this Thanksgiving is your chance to give something back to society. Volunteer at an NGO for the day. If you don’t have the time, try to donate something to the underprivileged- clothes, books, toys, etc. If you do have the time and are willing to make the efforts, try to sponsor a thanksgiving dinner at places like old-age homes or orphanages. And if nothing, try to light up the day of a stranger that serves you in some way- leave a bigger tip for the waiter that served you lunch. Be proud of where you belong.

Volunteer in your community

6. Thank yourself!

Yes, you have yourself to be thankful for. For a properly functioning body and a healthy, stable mind. We’re often too harsh on ourselves, blaming ourselves in instances we would excuse others without a second thought. Take a step back and be kind to yourself for having made it this far. Do something you love for the day, pamper yourself and be grateful for the person you’ve grown into.

quotes on self love

We hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving whether or not you have the day off because the simple act of expressing gratitude is a powerful means to strengthen your relationships.

Dhanya Nair

Dhanya was a Content Writer Intern at BookEventz from November 2019 to January 2020. She is a Psychology major and an avid reader. She likes to explore different genres of books and music. She’s also an ardent feminist with a yen for travel and a flair for poetry.

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