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Famous Indian Wedding Games that are Traditional yet Fun!

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Indian wedding games are a mode of easing the couple into the change in their lives, making them comfortable in each others company and also adding a little fun between all the rasams and traditions. It’s always fun to see the bride and groom get competitive to win the Hindu marriage games while the bride and groom’s side cheer for their contender. If you’re looking to add some entertainment into your Indian wedding, we’ve got a list of fun Hindu wedding games with that element of tradition intact,  that you can play on your big day.

Here’s a list of Famous Indian Wedding Games that are Traditional yet Fun…


1. Rasgulla Rasam – Delicious Bengali Wedding Game

Here’s a traditional Bengali wedding game that’s an absolute delight for all you sweet tooths. This is a Hindu wedding game where the bride and groom have a rasgulla eating competition. The one who devours the most rasgullas, wins this Bengali game.


2. Dil Ka Khoj – Fun Indian Wedding Game

This is an entertaining Hindu wedding game not only for the bride and groom but also for every married couple at the event. Here all the husbands and wives are asked to stand with their backs facing each other in a random order. One by one the wives have to call out ‘Mera Dil Kahan hai’. When the husband hears his wife’s voice, he has to scream ‘Aapka Dil mere paas hai’. This can be hilarious for all the guest who are not playing if a husband calls out to the wrong women. Once the husband correctly recognises his wife’s voice, that couple can be seated and the others can continue.

3. Memory Game – Indian Traditional Wedding Game for Family

Here’s a fun Indian traditional marriage game that will test the family’s knowledge about the outfit of the soon-to-be bride. Here the bride is taken into another room while the rest of the family is given a set of paper and pen to jot down the outfit worn by the bride. Once this is done, the bride is then called out and the family members can then tally who got most of the items right.


4. Gujarati Wedding Games – Indian Marriage Game for Brides

Gujarati wedding games have a way of being entertaining along with being symbolic, just like this one. Here the bride has to accept gifts that are showered by her new family, with open arms. She must try to hold as many gifts as she can in her dupatta and then carry it around for a while. This Gujarati marriage game symbolizes that she is ingenious and resourceful.


5. Griha Pravesh –  Gujarati Wedding Game for the Bride

This fun Gujarati wedding game is a foundation builder to a healthy Bhabhi-Nanad relation. Here the sisters of the groom block the entrance to the house for the newlywed couple. Pretending to be helpful, they point to a covered heap that’s supposedly enshrouding the family deity – and they ask the bride to pay respects to it before entering. Eager to enter her new home, the bride obliges and bows to the hooded figure, only to reveal it to be a pile of old footwear cleverly cover with a cloth. Sometimes the bride is also asked to pay a sum of money to the heap as an offering. The ceremonial worshipping of the shoes does serve the purpose of breaking the ice and easing the bride into the new house.


6. Lift Kara De – Indian Traditional Wedding Game

Here’s a Rajasthani wedding game for the bride were she has to try to pick up everyone in her new family including her husband, one by one. This is a game to test her strength physically and mentally.


7. Okhli – Famous South Indian Wedding Game

In some south Indian weddings, a game called okhil is played. This is a marriage game that’s very similar to the Punjabi wedding game, find the ring. But this south Indian wedding game has a twist. Here the groom’s wedding ring is immersed in cold coloured water while the bride and her brother have 3 chances to search for the ring as it is moved in the water.


8. Koachitu Purathu – Amusing South Indian Wedding Game

Here’s a south Indian marriage game, Koachitu Purathu, that introduces the bride to the groom’s friends and cousins and also gives the bride and groom a chance to get closer. In this Indian traditional wedding game, the groom goes to a corner in the wedding hall and pretends to be angry with the bride. He pretends to sleep on his friend’s lap and covers himself with his ‘Angavastaram’. His jewellery is then distributed among his friends while all the friends and relatives criticize the actions of the bride and groom.

The bride with her friends and relatives will then go to convince the groom to return home by offering him items like a toothbrush, a comb, a mirror and some juice. The bride will hand these items to the groom one by one and will then take all the grooms jewellery back from his friends and put them back on the groom. She will then tie the ‘Angavastaram’ to her saree and take the groom back.


9. Find the finger – South Indian Wedding Games that are Fun

This is a famous South Indian Wedding Game in which the bride will have to group her fingers and the groom will have to find the ring finger. The bride can try confusing the groom by shuffling the position of her finger so that the marriage game becomes tough for the groom. If the groom chooses the wrong finger, he will have to fulfil a punishment set by the bride.


10. Parde Ke Peeche – Hindu Wedding Game for the Couple

Parde Ke Peeche is a Hindu marriage game that tests the compatibility of the bride and the groom. In this Indian wedding game, the couple is put to the test by asking them yes-no questions. Questions like ‘Are you going to be the boss at home?’ or ‘Are you going to be the first one to say sorry?’. The trick here is the couple cannot see each other’s answers because they will have to sit back to back and be separated by a cloth. This Hindu wedding game is a fun way to help the couple get to know their partner and also ease into the new changes in their lives.

A western version of the same game includes the bride and groom holding each other’s shoes and lifting them according to the questions asked. Here questions like ‘Who cooks better food’ or ‘Who cries first during movies’ can be asked.


So there it was, a collection of Indian wedding games that are played during and after the wedding ceremony. Use these marriage games during your wedding to add some fun and entertainment to your big day.


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