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Floral Wedding Invitations that are Perfect for any Modern Wedding

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No marriage is considered complete without a unique wedding invitation. So, floral wedding invitations set the basic tone of the event. And, it provides your guests the first glimpse at your wedding theme. Then, this is the reason you can’t afford to keep your wedding invites ordinary.

Hoping to add all kinds of romance to your wedding day? Then, look no further than floral wedding invitations. If you’re planning an outdoor, backyard garden-inspired wedding or simply love flowers, floral details, then, add an element of elegance to your event’s stationery. What’s more, these details aren’t just suited for spring and summer weddings. So, for cold-weather events, have your stationer use in-season flowers throughout your suite. Also, you can choose a darker colorway for your paper set. Depending on the theme wedding colors of your big day, there are so many different ways to feature florals on your paper goods. Then, add them to your invitation cards or include a floral motif elsewhere. Also, use items like it on your envelope liners or RSVP cards. ( See here: rustic wedding invites)

For a personal touch to your suite, customize your favorite floral details. Then, work on your wedding day color palette. And, maybe even your day-of flower selections. Then, with an extra dose of customization, your stationery can foreshadow many of your future big-day details. Then, get guests excited for your classic event with a rose motif. A boho-chic celebration, on the other hand, calls for wildflowers. Also, you can use other whimsical blooms like cosmos or poppies. If you’re throwing a modern event, then, surround contemporary geometric designs with bright florals.

Then, let us look at the 12 prettiest floral wedding invitations that you can look at for inspiration: Traditional Garden Garland as Floral Wedding Invitations

  1. Traditional Garden Garland as Floral Wedding Invitations

This beautiful floral Garland is a perfect example of a traditional and graceful floral wedding invitation. Then, the muted colors on a thick white card produce a more elegant wedding invitation than the traditional plain white. And, this invitation can be used for weddings in the spring and summer. Also, it is good for all the autumn and winter weddings. Because you will find greenery throughout the seasons. And, it doesn’t give too much away about the rest of your theme. And, it is used with a wide array of different color schemes. So, consider including simple foliage into your floral arrangements. Then, this ties the day together and impresses your more observational guests.

garden floral wedding invitations

  1. Floral Wedding Invitations in Hues of Blue

The deep purple and pink hues of this floral design give it a unique presentation. Then, that is perfect for a cold-weather wedding. Also, while it still maintains its romantic character. Then, this is the perfect invitation for a couple planning to use similar tones in their color scheme. And,  bridesmaids would look gorgeous in deep purple or pink. ( see here: bridesmaid dress ideas) And it lets your guests know to expect a magical winter wonderland.

blue floral wedding invitations

  1. Blossom and Long Leaves Invitations

If you’re planning a spring wedding, then look no further than this stunning light pink and blue design. And, this unique floral pattern gives it a whimsical yet not overly feminine feel. So, it is perfect for a boho-chic or countryside wedding. And, your guests will be left expecting lots of gorgeous pastel colors and light springtime floral arrangements. Also, this beautiful invitation suite will look stunning when framed and hung in your house as a special memento of your big day.

blossm and leaves floral wedding invitations

  1. Summer Wreath Portrait Invitations

Here is another traditional floral wreath, ( See here:  wedding flower decoration) but this time with the addition of summer blooms. And, this makes this design the perfect invitation for couples planning a traditional and romantic wedding. If your wedding is at the height of summer, then this one is perfect. And, it is ideal for those who are planning on including roses in their floral arrangements. If you are hoping to surround guests with an abundance of summer flora, Then this is ideal. Whether you’re hosting the big day in your back garden or at a gorgeous wedding venue, this one is perfect.

summer wreath  floral wedding invitations

  1. Dark Garden Floral Wedding Invitations

This darker-toned invitation gives off a mysterious secret garden vibe. Then, the dark tones ensure it is appropriate for a winter wedding. But, the brighter flowers also mean they could be used in the autumn or spring. Then this floral design is more modern than a floral wreath or simple floral motif invitation. And whilst it lets guests know that you may not be going down the traditional wedding day route, it doesn’t give much away about what to expect.

dark garden floral wedding invitations

  1. Centrepiece Floral Wedding Invitations ( see here: floral wedding arrangement ideas)

This is not your traditional floral design. But it is perfect for a warm-weather wedding. Then, this white Lily flower drawing is modern and unique and so realistic you can almost smell the sweet Lily scent. The design is both formal and elegant and is perfect for those planning a black-tie affair with a botanical theme.

center piece floral wedding invitations

  1. Pastel Coloured Invitations

Are you planning a tropical or seaside wedding? Then look no further than this gorgeous and modern pastel blue wedding invitation. It is bright and unique and will stand out to your guests leaving them buzzing with excitement and curiosity as to what you have planned for the day. Follow this design through all of your wedding stationery to give your day a bright and tropical vibe with a design that your guests won’t be able to forget.

pastel floral wedding invitations

  1. Elemental Floral Design Invitations

is distinctive, colorful, and full of fun, and perfect for the couple wishing to infuse their day with strong, compelling colors. You can match your theme to the reds and yellows in the stationery suite or keep the rest of the colors simple and let the order of service, wedding day information sheet, and menus do the talking. Whatever you choose your guests are bound to be gushing over this gorgeous and truly unique design that will be different from anything they have seen before

elemental floral wedding invitations

  1. Vintage Rose Floral Wedding Invitations

This beauty feels like a throwback that’s also right on-trend. Then, the vellum and digitally printed double layers are just plain gorgeous. So, we love this stunner printed in gold ink on that vellum top layer. And, the gold thermography print will sparkle its way right into your heart.

vintage rose floral wedding invitations

  1. Letterpress Floral Wedding Invitations

As you research wedding stationery, it’s good to become familiar with the various printing techniques. Letterpress is basically how printing got it to start – text and image are stamped down onto the paper usually with ink leaving an impression that you can see and feel. Then, these can be customized for any style of wedding.

  1. Gold Foil Stamping in Floral Wedding Invitations

Gold foil stamping is very similar to letterpress. And, uses a customized metal plate and metallic ink to leave an impression on the paper. Then, the shimmering detail dazzles the eye and looks wonderful with floral motifs. So, we adore the timelessness of the Terrace design.  And it comes in gold matte featuring. Then, it features a budding stem and a Corrine design in copper matte. Also, it features a simple font against a faint blossoming background.

gold foil floral wedding invitations

  1. Laser-cut Invitations

Laser-cut works especially well with floral motifs. Then it allows for every perfect petal and leaf to unfold within the design.

laser cut floral wedding invitations

So, if you liked these floral wedding invitations Then, bookmark them. And, don’t forget to use them in your own time.




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