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Flower Jaimala Stage Ideas: Trendy Wedding Decor Themes

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Wedding is a fairy tale. It consists of different rituals:  Flower Jaimala/ the  Varmala, Sangeet, Mehendi, Kanyadaan . The exchanging of the  Varmala is a very  Romantic Ceremony . The Wedding Garland symbolize love. We at Bookeventz bring to you the most exciting ideas to make your marriage ceremony  wwith Flower Jaimala Stage decors and make a memorable one.

Flower Jaimala Stage

1. Revolving Wedding Flower Jaimala Stage Concept Theme

The revolving theme is a interesting idea as the name suggests. The stage is heart-shaped or circular with the revolving technique incorporated. If you believe that “love makes your world go around”, then this is your go to thing.

2. London Bridge Wedding Garland Theme

Bring in the Majestic Wonders! Go for the London bridge theme where the miniature form of the London Bridge is constructed upon the stage where the exchange of the Garland happens. Isn’t it romantic?

3. Lotu Flower Jaimala  Stage Theme

The Lotus Varmala theme stands for its remarkable craftsmanship where the petals of the rose are made with net-based fabric and the couples stand amidst the petals and exchange the Garland. We guarantee you nothing else will feel this Magical.

4. Temple  Flower Jaimala StageConcept Theme

The entire stage is decorated like a Mandir with elements like bells, flowers, idols. This is an epitome of religious Ceremony which is a perfect theme for your big day

5.Firework  Jaimala Stage Theme

Firework Jayamala concept Image

The grandeur of the wedding night with the sparkling and dazzling of fireworks will be an awesome idea to make your Garland exchange the most memorable one.

6. Laser Tunnel Theme

This theme is where the laser tunnel is created and the bride and the groom exchange the Garland inside the Laser tunnel which is mesmerizing.

7. Hawan Kund Flower Jaimala Stage Concept

Couples exchange the Garland on a hydraulic stage designed like Hawan Kund with decorative flames symbolizing purity.

8. Suspended

If you are a person who love Adventures then this theme is your go to.The stage hangs with a supportive frame.

9. Moon Flower Jaimala Stage

The bride and groom arrive on the stage by descending from a supporting frame which looks like a crescent moon. The ceremony takes place on the hanging moon, painting a romantic picture. Did you watch the trending wedding movie, Veere di Wedding yet? If not, then you can take a look at how Kareena Kapoor Khan and Sumeet Vyas look stellar while descending from the height in a gorgeous gown and suit.

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