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Best Wedding Football Related Gifts for Your Fanatic Husband to Be

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Buying wedding gifts for each other may not be the most traditional of customs, but as the day is solely about you and your husband to be, you’ll have an excuse to spring an extra special surprise for him. And what better way to surprise your football mad guy than with a football related gift that suits his passion for his favourite team.

With so many football related gift options out there, it can be very overwhelming, especially if you know nothing about the game and struggle to remember what colour his team play in. But fear not, this guide offers you the best football-themed wedding gifts that will not only impress, but will make him think you know more about football than you let on!


A Retro Football Shirt

A very simple but effective way to get a huge smile from your husband to be is the gift of a football shirt from his favourite team but with a twist. Retro shirts are right on trend, not only do they look and fit better but are sure to open up your guy’s sentimental side as he remanences about the year his team played in the shirt.

Rest assured, he will be wearing it on match days, down the pub, or showing it off to teammates while playing five-a-side. The only downside is, he may never take it off! Fair enough, you did buy it for him after all. But you could insist on one rule: no wearing it on the honeymoon!


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 A Perfect Match

This idea is a lot more than a gift, it’s an experience. A match ticket to see his favourite team, be it at their home stadium, in the FA Cup or a European tie will have him cheering, singing and jumping up for joy if of course, his team win.

For an extra special surprise, your honeymoon destination could well be a football crazy city like Barcelona or Rome.  If you’re not a lover of the game yourself, just remember that a match is only 90 minutes and I hear the shopping in Barcelona and Rome is wonderful!


A Day to Remember

Another fun treat is to surprise him with a tour of his favourite team’s stadium. Your fiancé might have been to hundreds of games over the years, but how many times has he been in the dressing rooms and seen the trophies in person?

As great as learning more about the team’s history in the museum and admiring the trophy cabinets are, the best part is always getting pitch side. Walking out of the tunnel and sitting in the home dugouts will make him feel like a kid again.

So that’s it, Wedding Gifts for Your Football Mad Husband to Be. If your still looking for a special gift, you can check out FANATIC, they deliver mystery gift boxes to football fans around the world. 



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