A Journey From A tech Intern to a UI/UX Developer

Your first workplace is a very important step towards your career and I know that my first step just couldn’t be any better. I was placed at BookEventz through my college placements and I was very happy to be selected at a startup. It’s almost everyone’s dream to be associated with a leading start-up and I feel very lucky to be a part of BookEventz – India’s largest event booking portal.

Start-ups help you to learn many things! The freedom you get to explore and research things helps you to know more about your strengths and weaknesses. Well, BookEventz was one such organization with good potential and I was definitely looking forward to work with this company.

At the time of my internship, I was given a chance to work as both a Front end and a Backend Developer. After I had a chance to work as both, I was given the freedom to choose my path according to my interests. Where I chose to work as a Frontend Developer. The cherry on the top was my mentor, Dipali Gharat, who helped me become more solution-oriented in my approach. Finally, after all that, my hard work paid off as I was hired as a permanent role as a UI / Ux Developer.



My job here is to take care of the website and make sure the user has a rich and smooth experience in his/her booking process through the website. My priority is to understand the needs of my customers and also analyse their behaviour on the website. The best part about working here is the organizational structure. Being a flat organizational structure we get the opportunity to work directly with the founders of the organization.

I love adventures and my journey here was and still is full of adventures. But one thing that I learned throughout the entire process was to give it your all and enjoy what you do! And it was kind of overwhelming, to be honest. The organization gave me an opportunity to understand things about myself in a way that no person or any other organization could do. It has been 2 years now I have been working for Bookeventz and during this time I came across endless opportunities to learn, grow and be a better person.

 Today, I stand tall as I know that this journey has allowed me to conquer things which challenged and pushed me to do better, be better and work better.


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