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Fun Office Party Game Ideas

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If you work in an office where you may not find enough time to spend with your colleagues. Throw an office party for a fun day. Be it a celebration, a promotion, a birthday party or even just one hour of a breather on a fun Friday, an office party will not only help the employees socialise but also motivated them to do better. Nothing excites people more than fun office party game ideas regardless of their age be it 18 or 45. Indoor games bring out so much joy, competitiveness and bonding in everyone and it is additionally enjoyed as a group, hence making the workplace being an ideal place.

A few things to remember before playing any games are making sure they appeal to everyone and to always start with an icebreaker, so even the most reluctant and introvert employee will want to play. BookEventZ brings to you 8 fun office party game ideas that can be played; there are games to do with knowledge, coincidences and sometimes even pure luck!

  1. Dumb Charades

    This famous game played all around the world gets everyone in the room excited, competitive and engaged. It is a fun way to see how silly a person is willing to enact different scenarios. This game can be personalised by adding some common office lingos. It will surely be one of the most enjoyable and fun office party game ideas.Fun office party game ideas Dumb Charades

  2. Word Bingo

    A different play on the famous game of bingo is “word bingo”. In this, you need to create a bingo card of 25 squares, the centre of each containing a statement describing themselves. Each player gets a card and walks around the room, asking others for info. The first player to complete an entire row of squares – either across, diagonal or down – wins. An example of the statement could be “speaks a second language”Word Bingo one of the fun office party game ideas

  3. Two truths’ and a lie 

    This is a very quirky and sneaky way to find out more about your fellow workers. Each participant will have to tell three facts about themselves. Out of these three facts, two will be true, while one will be a lie. The rest of the group would have to guess which one is a lie and in the end, the person that has guessed the most number of lies, wins! We will be lying if we don’t say it will be one of the fun office party game ideas which will leak out shocking secrets for a life time.Two truths’ and a lie Fun office party game ideas

  4. Reverse Pictionary 

    The goal of this office party game is for the group to describe the drawing presented to them without using shapes and the player has to draw the object and guess it within a time frame. For example, if the object is sun then the group can’t ask the player to draw a circle, they rather say join a C and an inverted C.Reverse PictionaryBook Conference venues in Pune at best deals

  5. Secret Santa

    Although this can only be played in December and during the time of Christmas, Secret Santa is a crowd favorite. You have to write down all the names of your colleagues on chits and put it in a bowl, everyone picks out a name and has to give them a present during Christmas. Some people also try to give nice notes and cards during the process and hints about who it may be!Secret Santa

  6. Treasure Hunt

    Dividing yourself among groups, while 2 people grab a particular item from each person’s desk and hide it. The members of the separated groups need to find as many objects as they can.Treasure Hunt

  7. 21 Questions

    One person writes on chits a list of well-known famous people and put it in a bowl. Going around the room, each person picks up a chit, they cannot look at the chit and have to face it towards the room and can ask 21 questions to his or her fellow workers about who the person is and guess. The questions can only be yes or no.  21 Questions

  8. Go Back to Classics for Fun Office Party Game Ideas

    A classic form of games is board games such as monopoly, scrabble, Uno, clue, etc. It takes you back to the times you used to play as a kid having your competitive side as a child come out as well! Playing monopoly can also help you discover the smartest decision-maker in your company.Board Games These are the list of exciting and fun office party game ideas to play with your coworkers. You can thoroughly enjoy these games on a bad day or tiring office work.


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