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Fun Ways to Welcome the Groom to the Wedding Reception

Hey, all the bridesmaids out there! Are you all set with you groom’s welcome plan for the wedding day? Lets take a stroll at how it is done traditionally. Bridesmaids welcome the groom with a thali for tilak and a ribbon tied to be cut by the groom. Sounds boring right? Well, now is the time to bring something new to the platter. We bring some quirky ideas to make your jiju’s welcome memorable in so many ways.

Here are some fun ways to welcome the groom to the wedding reception:

1. Interactive and Interesting Welcome Boards:

What dear bridesmaids want and feel should be said out loud to the groom through welcome boards. Try to make it interesting with fun facts, poetic negotiations, and cute quotes directed to the groom.


2. Individual Alphabet Placards with Cute Message:

You can involve all your ladkiwale with a message to welcome your loving dulha to the family. This gesture will involve maximum people and make it interesting for many to see how it goes.

3. Make him Perform Dares:

Keep a bowl full of chits ready and present it to him at the entry. Only let him enter when he performs at least 3 dares. The dare options can include ‘sing a song’, ‘say I love you the bride on a call’, ‘enact a scene from a movie’ or ‘dedicate a song to the bride’.

4. Welcome him with A Power-Packed Dance Performance

You can even welcome the groom and his baraat with a well-choreographed dance performance to make a striking impression. Songs like ‘Nagada Sang Dhol’ or ‘Shubh Aarambh’ would be the great picks.


5. State the Message on the Ribbon

Ditch the simple satin ribbons and get your message clearly imprinted on it instead. The groom’s entry is the best time to encash your hectic and running around schedule.So, say it loud and clear 😉

6. Dance Away the Shyness:

Break the ice with fun if you are meeting your jiju for the first time. Give him the air of ease with a dance behind the ribbon. Set the tone for him to have fun and take all the teasing in good taste.

7. Spin the Wheel Challenge: 

To up the fun factor, take a cue from the fun spin wheel challenge by the chirpy bridesmaids . Plan a ‘spin the wheel’ game. You can have him fulfill whatever comes of the wheel. Don’t mind adding things that will add to the fun factor like- Surrender your watch, INR 10000 off, Bride’s favourite movie, Send bride a selfie, Sing a romantic song for bride.

8. Puzzle Box for Scissors to Cut the Ribbon:

Give the groom a challenge to open the box. Watch him solve it. His struggle to solve the puzzle will add to the fun and give you ample time to tease him. Don’t miss out on the details and opt for a fancy scissor for the ribbon-cutting ceremony. You can also add some interesting message in the box.

9. Shower the Flowers:

Enjoy the game of teasing and make it fun for all. Remember! It is always better not to test the patience beyond a point. Make it enjoyable for all and involve as many people as you can in planning your smart welcome acts. 

Try these out and let us know which one are you going to pick for your bridesmaids army:)

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