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Best Game Ideas for Office Team Party

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Finally landed that big deal? Office work got monotonous? Need an occasion to break the ice with new members? Looking for a way to motivate employees to boost their productivity?

An office team party would be the best way to celebrate and ace up the pace of work! Depending upon whether your idea of an office team party is a social night of discussions, a relaxing party with pizza and beer or a gala time get-together party here’s our little twist of a list of team party ideas that notch up the high spirits.

Lie the fact:

This group game helps you know a lot about your colleagues. Each participant in the game is supposed to tell 3 facts about him, out of which two are true and one is a lie. The other participants guess the one, which is a lie. The person who identifies the most number of lies wins the game.



Scavenger Hunt:

Here’s another game to instil fun, creativity and teamwork among the office crew. Create a list of hints based on the history, policies, and other particulars about the company. Form a trail to enable every team to find the next clues. The team that completes the task first is the winner.




The name itself spells out the fun in the game. The employees are divided into two teams. Each team holds one end of a string, solid rope. Both the teams pull the ropes from their respective sides. The team that falls lose the game.





Opposites out:

This game is an excellent example of the presence of mind. The players in this game are supposed to do the opposite of what they are asked. For example. When asked to walk, they should stand still, when asked to crouch, they should stand up. Anyone who follows what is said is out. The last player wins the game.



Photo Hunt Game:

Team building is exemplified brilliantly in this game. All participants are supposed to work in pairs. They are handed over a list of items they are supposed to hunt for. Make sure one person in the team has a digital camera. Each time the players find something on the list, they take a photograph. The fastest team to find all the items wins the game.



Icebreaker Bingo:

Create a bingo card with 25 squares, each of which contains a statement. Each player gets a card and works the room, asking others for info. The first player to complete an entire row of squares – either across, diagonal or down – wins. Here’s an example of one such bingo card.



Freeze the madness:

This is fun filled game filling the party with madness and craziness. In this game, one person is chosen to be the statue. At a certain point of time, in the middle of whatsoever, they are doing, the person becomes a statue. As people start noticing, they become statues. The last person to notice loses the run, thus the game.


As they say, work hard and party harder! So, let the show begin!


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