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15 Romantic Gay Wedding Photoshoot Ideas to make you Laugh and Cry

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In a world where so many prejudices against a gay wedding, exists, it is safe to say that we have come a long way. A Gay wedding photoshoot seems to be the flavor of the season and we are loving all the happily ever after pictures storming the internet! When it comes to celebrating love, no one does it better than couples who belong to the LGBT (Lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) community. Not only does it take them a lot of courage to come out of the closet but it takes a different sort of power to take the next step. A victory for love, LGBTQIA+ weddings are currently legally recognized in 29 countries and territories.

In 2018, in the landmark decision of Navtej Singh Johar v. Union of India, the Supreme Court of India decriminalized consensual homosexual marriage by reading down Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code. When India decriminalized homosexuality, it gave strength to millions and caught up with a global majority who believe, who know, that love is love. In a place where every day seems to struggle to make sense of itself, the courage to know yourself and the bliss of loving someone and them loving you in return, is what makes mundane existence sublime.

Getting married is an emotional and celebratory affair, but to be able to tie the knot with the love of your life after being denied the right to do so? Now that brings a whole new meaning to the milestone. In every photo below, there’s no missing the joy etched across each newlywed’s face.

From jubilant depictions of love and laughter to more tender moments and sweet feelings of pride, these gay wedding photoshoot ideas are filled with such palpable emotion that you’ll be reaching for tissues.

1. Forehead Kiss Gay Wedding Photoshoot

This forehead kiss right before the wedding is so romantic. You can practically feel the love radiating off this pre-wedding photoshoot.

forehead kiss Gay Wedding Photoshoot

2. Gay Wedding Photoshoot for Loved Ones

After getting ready together with family and friends, they still decided to do an official first look. To pull it off, they separated just before to put on their wedding day looks and surprise one another. So sweet!

official first look Gay Wedding Photoshoot


3. A Meaningful Location for a Gay Wedding Photoshoot

Take your photo shoot outdoors to the place where you first met or any other memorable location. It ought to bring a natural and precious smile to your face.

memorable location Gay Wedding Photoshoot


4. Walking down the Aisle Together Gay Wedding Photoshoot

Walking down the aisle together is always a really special moment. Write your vows to each other, setting a word count to keep them the same length. You can use quotes from some of your favorite books or movies or read out stories of your relationship with references only your partner understands. How special is that?!

walking down the aisle Gay Wedding Photoshoot


5. Sharing an Umbrella

Get yourself clicked while you lock eyes with your partner. Do not forget to stand underneath the fancy umbrella before the photo is taken. This gay wedding photo idea is totally topping the charts right now. Go give it a shot!

holding an umbrella Gay Wedding Photoshoot


6. Holding Hands

If you are looking to have a wedding in the most romantic destinations of the world, this is your moment. Amit and Martin, a New York-based couple, made it rock in the photos, simply holding hands while getting clicked. You should definitely try it.

amit and martin holding hands Gay Wedding Photoshoot


7. Gay Wedding Photoshoot during the First Dance

Pick a song that says a lot about your story as a couple. Or simply one that you have memories with. Take your partner by the hand and bring them for a heartfelt first dance after your wedding. This gesture surely speaks to us in a lot of ways.

first dance Gay Wedding Photoshoot


8. First Look Gay Wedding Photoshoot

Here comes the groom (well, one of them). First-look photos never fail to bring a tear to our eye.

first look reveal Gay Wedding Photoshoot


9. Pose with the Pets

Let there be a love flood. Bring in your furry friends to pose with you. It will make your wedding album shine and give so many others inspiration.

posing with the pets Gay Wedding Photoshoot


10. Family Gay Wedding Photoshoot

While most people in our country struggle with gaining acceptance from their blood relations, you can always bring in your friends or cousins to pose with you. Families are meant to be by you no matter what; it’s just a matter of time. Get all your loved ones in one frame!!

friends and family Gay Wedding Photoshoot


11. In an Embrace

This embrace captures so much love in one tender moment. It makes you realize that there is no place safer and more comfortable than in your partner’s arms. It is in these moments of vulnerability that you feel a real connection. This pose is really pleasing to the eye. We highly recommend this one

embracing gay wedding shot


12. Candid Shots

This one is a favorite. It is totally Instagram-worthy, you might even get all the loved-up comments. A candid moment between these grooms embodies everything we love about weddings: food, friends, laughter, and love. The setting adds to the romance.

candid gay wedding shot


13.  Gay Wedding Photoshoot in Matching Jackets

What’s better than coordinating or even matching your outfits with your partner. This will surely make the photographs extremely attractive. Matching beauty and beast jackets for the win! These stylish city grooms pull off matching hoodies so well for this pre-wedding casual photoshoot.

 Gay Wedding Photoshoot in matching jackets


14. Getting Ready Shots

Get your photographer to take pictures of the two of you getting into your wedding outfits and makeup. This one will look so adorable.

getting ready Gay Wedding Photoshoot


15. Seal the Deal

Don’t shy away from putting yourself out there. Seal the deal with a kiss and make it official forever. This is the moment you will remember forever. What’s more? You can totally add this to your social media feed.

peck Gay Wedding Photoshoot


These gay wedding photoshoot ideas are proof that love always wins. Love is love and it should exist without boundaries. It is important to accept who you are and come out in the open. Your family, friends, and close ones will love you for that. We cannot wait for the day the community can breathe fresh air without judgment. Till then bookmark your favorites and garnish your wedding album using these photos.

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