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28 Eye Catching Golden Bridal Lehenga Designs Ideas for this Wedding

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Golden bridal lehenga is the most perfect color for your wedding. And it will look bewitching and incredible on brides. So, brides must try out golden bridal lehenga with some other color combinations. But the brides can even wear just a golden lehenga for their wedding. Find all the excitement below.

Listed below are 28 golden bridal lehenga designs for your wedding:

  1. Kareena Kapoor Gold Lehenga

    Kareena Kapoor is one of the most gorgeous Bollywood actors. And she always slew her look with the latest designer clothes. We have seen Kareena worn a scintillating golden bridal lehenga several times. And always she made it to another level.Kareena Kapoor Gold LehengaCelebrate Dream Wedding

  2. Black and Golden Lehenga

    Black golden lehenga looks stunning on brides. And whoever is getting married this year must try this combination of lehenga for their wedding. So, this combo will be a breathtaking color combination for your wedding.

    Black and Golden Lehenga

  3. Rose Gold Lehenga

    Rose gold-colored lehenga looks very soft and delightful to your eyes. And brides must try this color lehenga for their wedding. It will heighten the overall appearance of the bride.Rose Gold Lehenga

  4. Red and Golden Lehenga

    Manyavar has launched its latest bridal lehenga collection in red and golden combinations. And Alia Bhatt is there to advertise the product. She is completely justifying that look. And she looks awestruck. Check out some other red wedding lehenga designs for your dream wedding.Red and Golden Lehenga

  5. Pink and Gold Lehenga

    If you are looking for any pink and golden bridal lehenga then you must try it in Indo-western form. It is because it will look eye-catching and will create wonders on your wedding day. Check out pink bridal lehenga design ideas to amplify your wedding look.Pink and Gold Lehenga

  6. White and Gold Lehenga

    White and golden bridal lehenga is a very unusual color combination for your wedding. And wearing it will certainly catch the guest’s attention. So, you can try it at your wedding too. And you can pair it with a full sleeved blouse or top ideas.White and Gold Lehenga

  7. Maroon and Golden Lehenga

    Maroon and golden bridal lehenga look beautiful on brides. And in fact, the maroon color enhances the complexion of a bride. So, brides can try out this combo as well for their wedding.Maroon and Golden Lehenga

  8. Golden Lehenga with Maroon Dupatta

    Golden lehenga with maroon or golden top will go well with maroon dupatta. And this dupatta can be of georgette or velvet. Find out all the velvet bridal lehenga designs here.Golden Lehenga with Maroon Dupatta

  9. Sabyasachi Golden Lehenga

    Sabyasachi is India’s most loved lehenga, saree, bags, and jewelry, etc., designer. And he always comes up with some unique ideas in his collections. And if we are talking about the golden lehenga then there must be a mention of his work too. Also, check Sabyasachi bridal lehenga designsSabyasachi Golden Lehenga

  10. Golden Net Lehenga

    Net lehengas are one of the coolest and best ways to lift your lehenga. And it can be considered as the stylish lehenga designs for your wedding. So, try out golden net lehenga for your wedding.Golden Net Lehenga

  11. Golden Bridal Lehenga for Reception

    GAZA wedding will always be in our mind. And we can never forget how gorgeous Gauahar Khan looked at all her wedding functions. So, listing Gauahar Khan reception look is mandatory. Golden Bridal Lehenga for Reception

  12. Golden Sequin Lehenga

    Sequin lehenga automatically makes our wedding attire look shining and beautiful. SO, brides must try out golden sequin lehenga for their wedding.Golden Sequin Lehenga

  13. Blue and Gold Lehenga

    Blue and golden lehenga will look royal on a wedding day. And bride should try out this color combination lehenga for her wedding.Blue and Gold Lehenga

  14. Golden Lehenga with Pink Dupatta

    Golden lehenga with pink dupatta will look perfect for any wedding occasion. And brides should go with this color lehenga for their wedding. Golden Lehenga with Pink Dupatta

  15. Green and Gold Lehenga

    Green and golden lehenga are also one of the ideas for the bridal lehenga outfit. And brides can try this color combination lehenga for their wedding. So, this will look perfect for their wedding. You can also have a look at green bridal lehenga ideas for your wedding.Green and Gold Lehenga

  16. Plain Golden Lehenga

    The brides must go with full golden lehenga color for their wedding. So, it will look gorgeous on the bride. And it will go well with the occasion too. Plain Golden Lehenga

  17. Golden Glitter Lehenga

    glitter or shine in anything intensifies the look of that particular thing. So, brides can also wear a glitter-based golden lehenga for their wedding. Golden Glitter Lehenga

  18. Anushka Sharma Golden Lehenga

    Anushka Sharma looks gorgeous in a golden lehenga. She opted for this for her wedding reception. So, you can also take inspiration from it.Anushka Sharma Golden Lehenga

  19. Peach and Golden Lehenga

    Peach and golden lehenga look so satisfying and beautiful. It is because of the soothing color. So, brides should try to put this combination for their wedding.Peach and Golden Lehenga

  20. Navy Blue and Golden Lehenga

    Navy blue lehenga in itself looks a unique color for bridal lehenga. So, brides must accompany it with golden color to give it a touch of uniqueness. Navy Blue and Golden Lehenga

  21. Champagne Gold Lehenga

    Champagne gold lehenga with a design of leaf will look gorgeous on brides. And brides can try out this lehenga for their wedding.Champagne Gold Lehenga

  22. Purple and Gold Lehenga

    Purple and gold are other deadly combinations for the wedding. And brides can try out this color for their marriage day.Purple and Gold Lehenga

  23. Golden Banarasi Lehenga

    Banarasi lehenga is meant to worn by brides on their wedding day. And this looks royal and beautiful on brides. And brides can try it at their wedding.Golden Banarasi Lehenga

  24. Sky Blue and Golden Lehenga

    Sky blue and golden color lehenga look so soothing to your eyes. And this color combination is not worn by many brides. So, it will look unique at your wedding. So, try out this amazing color lehenga with a style of peplum lehengasSky Blue and Golden Lehenga

  25. Ivory Gold Lehenga

    Sonam Kapoor looked gorgeous in an ivory gold lehenga. An she must be an inspiration for many brides.Ivory Gold Lehenga

  26. Orange and Gold Lehenga

    Orange and gold lehenga will look unique on your wedding. And you must try out this orange combination lehenga for your wedding day.Orange and Gold Lehenga

  27. Yellow and Gold Lehenga

    The yellow color in itself looks so beautiful. And yellow and gold combination will create magic for brides too. So, try out gold and yellow bridal lehengas for your wedding.Yellow and Gold Lehenga

  28. Turquoise Lehenga with Gold Sequins

    The turquoise color looks so real and beautiful. And brides must try this color lehenga for her wedding. So, adding gold sequins to turquoise lehenga will make it more appealing.Turquoise Lehenga with Gold SequinsFollow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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