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20 Green Bridal Lehengas Ideas for the Brides of 2021 to Look Gorgeous

By Rushda Khursheed
Blog timeApr 8, 2021

Green bridal lehengas is one of the color which resembles lively and fresh look. So, brides are wearing this lehenga for her wedding then it will make her close to nature. And this will give a beautiful shine on bride’s face as well.

Listed below are 20 green bridal lehengas ideas for 2021 wedding:

  1. Dark Green Lehenga

    Enhance your bridal look with this stylish dark green lehenga. So, this designer lehenga will give a perfect bridal look at your wedding. And you will look beautiful as well.Dark Green LehengaCelebrate Dream Wedding

  2. Light Green Lehenga

    Light green lehenga with a touch of frill at the bottom will giver bride a confidence to stand at the stage. It is because this light green lehenga looks perfect for the wedding functions. And it looks stylish too. So, try wearing a lehenga like this on your wedding.Light Green Lehenga

  3. Sea Green Lehenga

    Sea green lehengas always look beautiful and different. So, giving your lehenga a touch of embroidery makes it more appealing. And an Ombre effect is giving this lehenga a touch of uniqueness. Also, a contrast top is making it look beautiful.Sea Green Lehenga

  4. Green Bridal Lehenga

    This green colored lehenga choli will look gorgeous on brides. And they can try this lehenga for their wedding. So, this designer green lehenga will make you look scintillating on your wedding day. Green Bridal Lehenga

  5. Green Bridal Lehengas with Pink Touch

    Pink goes very well with green color. So, mixing both the color for your bridal lehenga will be a great idea to put on. And this combination will look perfect for the bride. So, try green and pink colored lehenga for your wedding.Green Bridal Lehengas with Pink Touch

  6. Alia Bhatt Green Lehenga

    Alia Bhatt looked gorgeous on this green lehenga. And you can try this for your wedding. This will surely enhance your look. So, this stylish and funky lehenga design will be perfect for your 2021 wedding.25 Stylish Lehenga Ideas which is Funky and Unique for Bridal Attire 2021

  7. Pista Green Lehenga

    Wearing a little less worked on a wedding is a new fashion. So, if you are opting pista green color for your wedding then try to be minimal with the lehenga work. And you can have a net lehenga with little thread work on it.Pista Green Lehenga

  8. Mint Green Lehenga

    Mint green bridal lehengas look beautiful on bride. And you will look different too. It is because no brides will have courage to go with this colored lehenga for her wedding. So, you can take a bold step and try mint green lehenga for your wedding.Mint Green Lehenga

  9. Olive Green Lehenga

    A full sleeved olive green bridal lehengas will look beautiful on brides of 2021. And she can have this colored lehenga for her wedding. So, a olive green lehenga will look perfect for wedding or other functions as well.Olive Green Lehenga

  10. Parrot Green Lehenga

    You can experiment you bridal look with this parrot colored lehenga. But this color can be tricky. So, it is always better to have discussion with your designer whether this color will go well with your complexion. Otherwise, this will ruin your whole bridal look. So, for reference you can check out Alia Bhatt’s look, posted above.Parrot Green Lehenga

  11. Emerald Green Lehenga

    An emerald green bridal lehengas will look gorgeous on brides. So, try this lehenga for your wedding. And your wedding look can be enhanced with colored lehenga.Emerald Green Lehenga

  12. Sabyasachi Green Lehenga

    Sabyasachi bridal lehengas are the best bridal collection we have in hand. Sabyasachi is one of the best Indian designer. And he never failed to prove that point after some time. So, if you want a green lehenga then give a glance at this one also.Sabyasachi Green Lehenga

  13. Lime Green Lehenga

    Lime green lehengas is the perfect color to experiment with your look. And this will give your bridal attire a different look. So, give your bridal lehenga a touch of lime.Lime Green Lehenga

  14. Green Banarasi Lehenga

    Banarsi lehengas are the perfect wedding lehenga. It is because banarsi lehenga looks rich and royal. And this in itself lifts the look of a bride. So, try this green banarsi look at your wedding.Green Banarasi Lehenga

  15. Green Silk Lehenga

    Silk lehengas look beautiful. And brides must go with silk lehengas if they are looking for some shine on their wedding attire. So, by this their wedding attire will look beautiful and stylish.Green Silk Lehenga

  16. Neon Green Lehenga

    Neon color is a very different kind of a color. And if you want to experiment with your look then go with this color lehenga. So, this type of bridal lehenga will make your overall wedding attire a different feel.Neon Green Lehenga

  17. Green Net Lehenga

    Net fabric is still one of the most loved fabric for lehenga. And if you are going to be married in 2021 then this green colored net lehenga will be perfect for you. So, have a lehenga like this on your wedding.Green Net Lehenga

  18. Teal Green Lehenga

    Teal green is a very different and stylish color for lehenga. And if you are looking for something different colored lehenga then teal green is the answer. So, it will look beautiful on brides wearing it and sitting at the stage.Teal Green Lehenga

  19. Dark Green Velvet Lehenga

    Dark green velvet lehengas will look perfect on bride. It is because velvet lehengas give a royal look to the bride. So, she can try this look for her wedding. And dark green color will add more royalty to the wedding lehenga.Dark Green Velvet Lehenga

  20. Red and Green Lehenga Bridal

    Red and green lehenga is the most loved color combination for brides. And she can have this beautiful look for their and green lehenga bridalFollow us on our insta handle for more updates.

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