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8 Stunning Groom Shoes listed for the Wedding!

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Groom shoes are form an important part of the wedding day dressing of the groom. A shoe is as important as any other wedding accessory. So it’s only better to select the best groom shoes on your big day!

Jutti – The shoe trend!

Whether you agree or not but juttis are the new trend in the groom shoes list. It’s also a traditional form of footwear representing the Indian culture.

Groom Shoes Jutti


Brown Groom Shoes

We all have stuck to the black colour for a long time and hence this simple brown groom shoes is as eye catching as the black.

Groom Shoes Brown

Dusty Blue Groom Shoes

This absolutely classy and decent pair of shoes will help you carry yourself elegantly on your big day. Blue is a rare choice but equally worth trying.

Groom Shoes Blue Shoes

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Designer Groom Shoes

A customised designer are a new found trend if you want to spend enough on your footwear on your wedding day. This ecstatic designer are surely going to make your look unique in a most handsome way. So, you must check this one before moving on to any other!

Groom Shoes Designer

Indian Marriage

Brown Jutti

Since juttis are a thing now, you can try your hands on different types and colours of juttis. Hence, this brown jutti is another type of simple jutti in the list.


Groom Shoes Brown Jutti

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Black Groom Shoes

Of all the colours, black is the most loved colour when it comes to shoes and you might be another person on the planet to love this colour. Hence, you would want to wear a black shoes on your wedding day as well, so this one in the list is for you!

Groom Shoes Black


Traditional Shoes

A wedding is all about traditions and cultures and hence a lot of people opt to be complete traditional in their wedding attire as well including shoes. The traditional shoes makes the groom carry his traditional and cultural touch with elegance and smartness.

Groom Shoes Traditional


Loafer Shoes

Loafers came into the trend quite a while back but they still are in the trend. There’s still a section of people who love them.

Groom Shoes Loafers

These are just few but equally worth trying. For more such unique wedding tips follow us on Instagram.

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