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Games to Play in a Group at your Next House Party : 10 Fun Group Games

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The people that play together, stay together. And so, the only way to add some life into your house party other than music, food and conversations is to add games to play in a group. Be it a family party or a party with your friends, these house party games are the perfect icebreaker for any occasion. So if you’re looking to create a unique party experience here are the perfect group games for ladies, group games for adults and group games for family for a fun house party.

Here’s a list of Fun Games to Play in a Group at your Next House Party..


Group Games for Family

1. Family Lineup

Here’s a fun team game for house parties that will show how well your family works as a team. In this house party game, you have to get all your family members to line up according to the condition placed in that round. The group game starts with having all the family members standing or dancing in a circle with music playing. Once the music stops the conductor has to scream a condition like 3 members in ascending age or 5 members in height. The family members have to then scramble and find those amount of contestants and arrange themselves in that condition. The last two members standing, win the group game for families.


2. Family History Dumb Charades

This is a group game for family that will test all your family members memories. In this fun house party group game, you have to first make two teams and then each team has to send one member to play one round. In one round, one team as to come up with one classic moment from the past that everyone in the family will recognize. Like when dad surprises you with a dog, Dadi laughed so hard her denchers came off, etc. Then one person from the other team has to act out the scene while his team members guess which one it is.    

Tip: If the scene is too complicated you can announce who you are playing.



Group Games for Adults

3. Propose, Marry or Divorce

Here’s a fun big group game to play with couples. In this group game for adults, you need an even number of players and music. Let the people dance in couples while the music is on and once the music stops, the couples have to pose for a proposal, marriage or a divorce. The poses for proposal can be one partner on their knees, for marriage it can be a hug and for divorce it can be a back to back pose. The conductor will then pick a chit that would read one of the three poses and everyone striking that pose will get out of the house party game.


4. Group Silent Charades

In this big group game for adults where you first have to divide yourselves into 2 groups. Every member of one group will write an activity on two chits. After shuffling the chits distribute the chits between everyone in the audience. Once you play the music everyone has to act out the activity mentioned on their chit while also looking for the other player doing the same activity. Once they find the other player they silently have to gesture that player to sit down. The last pair to sit is then out for that round. Pairs will now share their activities with each other, and pairs that don’t have matching activities will lose the house party game. You can now start the new round in the same way by first dividing the grouping two teams.



Fun Group Games for Ladies

5. The Hinglish Song Game

This is one of our favourite house party group games for ladies. This kitty games for ladies starts with preparing a list of fifteen Hindi songs with their first lines translated into English. For example, The rain of the weather, the water of the rain (Yeh mausam ki bearish, yeh bearish ka paani). Distribute this list to each of the players. The one who is able to identify a maximum number of songs correctly is the winner.


6. Partners in Pen

Another house party group game for ladies is partners in pens. In this fun group game, you have to first collect objects from around the house and put them in a bag. With two players sitting back to back, one player has to pick the object while the other has to draw. The player with the object has to describe it without telling her partner what the object is. The other partner has to then draw the object correctly. The couple to draw the object with the closest resemblance in the shortest time, wins.

Small Group Games

7. Improvisation

Here’s another fun small group game that involves a lot of acting and some items from around the house. It’s now time to use your imagination by improvising the use of the item you pick out of the bag. In this house party game, everyone gets two mins to improvise as many uses as they can to the item and each improvisation gains them one point. For example, if you get a plate, you can pretend it to be a steering wheel, a hat or a frisbee. You can also play this house party game in pairs if you have a lot of players.


8. Bed Sheet Ping Pong

This fun team game to play in a group needs two elements, a ping pong ball and a bedsheet. In this group house party game, you can team up with a partner and hold two ends of a blanket while another pair holds the other end of the blanket. The ping pong ball will be tossed into the centre of the bed sheet while the objective of this fun team game is to drop it by rolling or bouncing it into the other pairs territory.  



Big Group Games

9. Opposites Simon Says

The aim of this fun house party game is for players to do the exact opposite of what Simon says and doesn’t say. Just like the classic Simon says, the players cannot perform activities that Simon dosn’t tell them to do. But to add a twist, when Simon says something, you gotta do the opposite and when Simon says not to do something you have to do the same thing. For example, when Simon says to dance you gotta stand still. And when Simon says don’t dance you have to dance. Other than that when the conductor only screams dance you should not do anything.


10. Salt and Pepper

Here’s one of our favourite big group games that is the perfect ice-breaking team building activity at house parties for the office colleagues. For this fun group game, think of well-known pairs that go together like a nut and bolt, cookies and cream, Mickey and Minnie, salt and pepper, and write them on two chits separately. Now tape a chit on everyone’s back, and have them find their other half without telling them what’s on their back. They can figure it out by asking yes-no questions to the other players and when they do they have to figure 3 common things between them.  

So there it was, some fun games to play in groups with your family and friends. These group games are suitable for small groups as well as big groups and can be the highlight of your house party.

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