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Breakdown of all the beautiful Gujarati Wedding Rituals!

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Gujarati wedding rituals are fun, entertaining and worth experiencing. The state of Gujarat is home to traditions and culture. So , let us dive into all the gujarati wedding rituals: –

Pre – Wedding Traditions & Rituals:

  1. Chandlo – Matli –

This is the first ritual of any gujarati wedding. In this gujarati wedding ritual, a red big dot known as “Chandlo” is applied on the centre of the forehead of the groom. The bride’s father and few of the male members visit the to-be-grooms home. The marriage date is fixed in this particular wedding ritual.

  1. Gol Dhana –

The second pre wedding ritual in a gujarati wedding is ‘gol dhana’ which means ‘coriander and jaggery’. This is an engagement ceremony where gol dhana is distributed to the guests and the bride-to-be’s family pay a visit to the groom’s home with sweets and gifts. The groom and the bride exchange the rings with the blessings of five females from both the families.

  1. Mehendi Ceremony –

This is a usual ceremony conducted in any Indian wedding two days prior the wedding day. This is a basic gujarati wedding ritual where wonderful designs are applied on the brides hands along with many other females.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Mehendi

  1. Sangeet Ceremony –

This gujarati wedding ritual is more of fun than only a ritual where both the families dance on traditional gujarati songs and sing them. The guests get an opportunity to groove to the gujarati beats and enjoy the special occasion with all their heart.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Sangeet

  1. Mangal Muhurat –

In the mangal muhurat ritual, both the families seek blessings of Lord Ganesha and pray for a smooth conduct of the wedding and the life ahead.

Gujarati Wedding Ritual

  1. Grih Shanti Pooja –

This is a simple grih shanti pooja done for the peace and calm of both the houses.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals -Pooja

  1. Pithi –

“Pithi” is just a Gujarati name for a haldi ceremony. This gujarati wedding ritual is carried out day before the wedding, In this ritual, haldi is applied to the groom/bride. It is held by both the families at their respective house.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Pithi

  1. Mameru –

This is a simple gujarati wedding ritual where the bride’s mama i.e. her mother’s brother visits her house with gifts and jewellery.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals

  1. Varghodo –

In this gujarati wedding ritual, the family priest gives the groom’s sister a cloth filled with coins. The sister has to move that cloth around the groom’s head. People believe that the sound of coins removes away all the bad spirits around the groom. This gujarati wedding ritual is a proof of a brother and sister’s bond.

  1. Jaan-

This is a one fun ritual to perform. When the groom arrives at the venue, he touches her mother in law’s feet to seek blessings while she tries to grab his nose. This is a very fun to watch tradition in a gujarati wedding.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Jaan

  1. Jaimala –

This is a popular tradition of an Indian wedding where the groom and the bride exchange garlands.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Jaimala


  1. Antarpaat-

In this guarati wedding ritual, a curtain is placed between the bride and the groom and the bride is escorted to the stage by her maternal uncle.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Antarpaat

  1. Kanyadan –

The bride’s father keeps his daughter’s hand in the groom’s hand followed by the other small rituals.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Kannyadaan

  1. Joota churai-

This is an entertaining and fun ritual performed in an Indian wedding, sisters of the bride try to hide the shoes of the groom.

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  1. Mangal pheras –

This is another popular ritual in a gujarati wedding ritual, where the bride and the groom take seven circles around the holy fire while the priest chants the mantras.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Mangal Phere

  1. Sindoor daan & Mangal sutra

In this gujarati wedding ritual, the groom puts sindoor on the brides forehead and the mangal sutra in the brides neck. Though this is a usual and basic ritual, but it is the pillar of an Indian wedding.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Sindoor


Post Wedding Gujarati Wedding Rituals

  1. Bidai-

This is the most emotional moment for a bride as she has to leave her home forever. All the memories right from childhood till the wedding day, flash in front of the bride’s eyes.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Bidaai

  1. Grih Pravesh –

In this ritual, the bride before entering her new home, gently kicks a handi filled with rice embarking the laxmi has entered the home. Though the name is used interchangeably, the ritual is performed in almost every Indian wedding.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Grih Pravesh

  1. Aeki Beki –

Another fun ritual post wedding where the groom and the bride have to search a ring in a bowl full of milk and roses.

  1. Wedding Reception –

Since it is an optional ceremony.  many people don’t opt to keep this wedding function.

Gujarati Wedding Rituals - Reception

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