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How to Throw a Surreal Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party

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If you are a Harry Potter fan or want to throw a birthday party for a hardcore Potter-head, now you can with a kickass Harry Potter themed birthday party. No matter if the birthday kid is 4 or 40, they are going to love it. Check out this descriptive guide to know about how to throw a harry potter birthday party.

  • Guest list-

Firstly, make a guest list of people you want to invite to your party. This will help you divide your guests randomly into four Hogwart’s houses- Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Hufflepuff. This step will help you send them invitations which will inform them about their house.

  • Invitation-

Use every element from the movie to create an Uber- cool invitation. Take the inspiration from Hedwig owl and Golden Egg to send a cool invitation. Here are some of the creative ideas used by people who threw a Harry Potter birthday themed party. You can send a batch, House scarf or a letter to let them know which House they belong to and ask them to dress accordingly.

harry potter themed birthday party invitation
Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party Invitation

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  • Decoration-


To entice your guests to the fun-zone, you can have a platform 9 ¾ – inspired entrance. Let them walk into the magical party just like Harry did. This will be a kickass harry potter birthday themed decoration.

harry potter themed birthday party decoration
Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party Decoration



Great Hall Replica

Recreating Great Hall from the movie can add more drama to your theme.

harry potter themed birthday party great hall
Harry Potter Themed Birthday Party Great Hall


Hanging winged keys

Remember the scene when Harry tried to find a perfect key in the swarm of flying keys. You can use that as an inspiration to have a hanging piece of winged keys in your party too.

harry potter themed decorations
Harry Potter Themed Decorations


  • Food-

If you are throwing a Harry Potter themed party, then you can’t miss out on having Butterbeer for your guests.

Recreate gold snitch ball by attaching wings (drawn on paper)  to the chocolate truffles.

Add on the sweet treat with owl cupcakes for your guests.

Keep the food to be served in the black vessels like those used in the movie. Use copper vessels like copper plates, glasses, and water jar.

Pour the sauces into glass jars and name every jar with wizard-y names to make them look straight out of Hogwarts class.

Similarly, get multi-colored beverages for your party and name them differently. Below are few examples for your reference.

harry potter themed birthday food



  • Activities

Scavenger Hunt

If you are a Potter fan, you must be familiar with the magical Marauder’s map which has been a fantasy of many to be owned. You can bring the fantasy into the party by creating an adventurous scavenger hunt which has a map just like Marauder’s map. Make use of maximum Harry Potter spell references to make it even cooler and fun to play.

scavenger hunt


Quidditch Pong Game

This game is definitely going to be the most liked activity by your guests. The rules remain the same as that of the beer pong. To make the game more Harry Potter-ish, make three rings on three stands as shown below and place them between the two cup sets and the person should goal by passing the ball through the stands.

harry potter themed birthday-quidditch pong


Guess the artifact

For this game, you will need four colored boxes for four teams (based on their allotted Houses) and random artifacts to be kept inside it. Make a hole in the box which will be used by the person to insert their hand in the box and try to guess the artifact. The team with maximum correct guesses wins.

harry potter themed birthday actiities


Dementor Pinata

This can be your kid’s favorite activity of the night. Make a dementor shaped pinata and hand your kid with a huge magic wand. Ask him to use the spell of ‘Expecto Patronum’ before hitting the pinata to make him feel like a wizard while doing the task.

dementor pinata

  • Photo Booth-

You cannot miss having a Photobooth ‘cause every party demands thousands of photos to be taken. Mugshot photo booth would be the best option for you. Along with it, collect Harry Potter props like magic wands, Harry glasses, Hogwarts House scarves, Books, Cloaks, Sorting hat, etc.

harry potter themed birthday party photo props

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  • Birthday cake

A birthday can not be complete without the celebratory cake. Since you would have taken a lot of efforts on the party invitation, food and decor, you can’t afford to let the birthday cake which is the highlight of the night be blatant. Here are few fabulous ideas for a Harry Potter themed birthday cake for you to get one for your party.

harry potter themed birthday cake


  • Party favours

To keep your guests talking about your party for days, end your party in a wizardly manner. Hand away Potter themed party favours to let your guests take some magic away with them.

You can either make your own DIY treats or buy something which relates to the Harry Potter theme.

If you want to go DIY, Quidditch treats bags would be perfect for you.  

You can create House-specific goodie bags with a scarf, cookies, jelly beans jar, etc.

harry potter themed birthday party favours

So, here you have a complete guide on how to throw a fabulous Harry Potter themed birthday party.

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  1. Very nice post. Harry potter is favorite among all children and keeping harry potter theme on birthday celebration will be more than a celebration to them. Thanks for sharing.

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