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Healthy Wedding Menu For Diet-Conscious Guests!

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Nowadays since people are putting more effort into staying healthy and in shape, their diet has significantly changed. They are now focused on eating healthy and have cut the junk and processed food to a large extent. Are you planning a wedding soon and thinking about how to cater to your diet-conscious guests? Well, you are the right place then! Here, we have thoughtfully curated an entire healthy wedding menu plan consisting of only healthy and nutrition-packed delicious food items right from the appetizers to the dessert specially for you diet-conscious guests! Check out the 7 most unique dishes below:

Below are some delicious healthy wedding menu for diet-conscious guests:

1. Watermelon Strawberry Ginger and Mint Cooler Drink for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Watermelon Strawberry Ginger and Mint Cooler Drink Healthy Wedding Menu
Watermelon Strawberry Ginger and Mint Cooler Drink

Looking for a refreshing welcome drink for your diet-conscious guests at your wedding? Then we have the perfect drink for you! This watermelon and strawberry cooler with a dash of ginger and garnished with mint leaves is not only refreshing but also super healthy with super low calories. The watermelon and strawberry give this drink a sweet and tangy flavour whereas mint and ginger add to the freshness and makes it invigorating! Serve it chill with ice cubes and your diet-conscious guests will love it!

2. Fruit Counter for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Fruit Counter Healthy Wedding Menu
Fruit Counter

If you’re looking for an appetizer for your diet-conscious guests then this idea will be perfect and won’t disappoint them at all! Fruits are a great source of nutrients and what’s best about them is that they are low on carbs and calories which makes them one of the best foods for people who are diet conscious! You can arrange a fruit platter as an appetizer specially for your diet-conscious guests which can cover a variety of fruits that are available in that season. A fruit platter doesn’t just look appealing to the eyes but is equally delicious! This is such a fun latest catering idea to include in you wedding menu!

3. Grilled Veggies Skewer for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Grilled Veggies Skewer Healthy Wedding Menu
Grilled Veggies Skewer

To balance out the sweetness from the fruits we bring you another delicious savoury appetizer! Vegetables are another food items that are nutrient-dense and super low in calories and almost zero in carbs which makes them another perfect item for diet- conscious people. Grilled Veggies skewer will make a delicious appetizer for your diet-conscious guests! You can add vegetables of your choice and there just so many to choose from. For non-vegetarian diet-conscious guests, you can have a separate section of skewers with grilled chicken and eggs along with vegetables. This is one of the healthy appetizers for wedding which is super easy to prepare and is just too delicious, your guests will not be able to have enough of it!

4. Cheese and Tomato Crostini for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Cheese and Tomato Crostini Healthy Wedding Menu
Cheese and Tomato Crostini

We bring you another item called cheese and tomato crostini which is a very popular Italian appetizer. It is a very simple, no-bake appetizer which is delicious and very healthy with low calories. The base is a small slice of toasted or grilled whole wheat or multi-grain bread, topped with chopped up tomatoes, cheese and some herbs such as mint leaves and oregano with a dash of olive oil or any sauce. You can have a separate section for your non-vegetarian guests by adding grilled chicken and egg to this crostini. This appetizer is super fresh in taste and is perfectly healthy food for diet-conscious guests which they will love! It will add a nice twist to your regular appetizers!

5. Veggies Overload Soup for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Veggies Overload Soup Healthy Wedding Menu
Veggies Overload Soup

Soup is loved by almost everyone and is a great way to start the main course. Soups can be of so many different varieties and flavours and almost every type is delicious and healthy. We bring you a soup specially for the diet-conscious people which is the veggies overload soup. Since it is overloaded with so many vegetables it is a perfect meal packed with so many nutrients and fibres which are not only healthy and delicious but fulfilling as well! Add this soup in your menu for diet-conscious guests at your wedding and they will leave utterly satisfied!

6. Chickpeas and Vegetable Salad for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Chickpeas and Vegetable Salad Healthy Wedding Menu
Chickpeas and Vegetable Salad

After covering the welcoming drink, starters and appetizers we come down to the main course! For the main course, we bring you a simple yet a nutrient-packed meal called chickpeas and vegetable salad which is filled with all sorts goodness you can imagine! Chickpeas are a great source of protein which constitutes the majority of the diet of the diet-conscious people! Along with chickpeas, there are vegetables which add to the nutritional and the deliciousness of this dish! Toss this salad in olive oil or sauce of your choice to add more flavour. This is a power-packed healthy main course for wedding for your diet-conscious guests and is a great way to leave them appeased with your choice!

7. Berry Yoghurt Parfait for Healthy Wedding Menu:

Berry Yoghurt Parfait Healthy Wedding Menu
Berry Yoghurt Parfait

Last and the most awaited item on our menu is the dessert! We’ve come up with the perfect dessert for your diet-conscious guests which is the berry yoghurt parfait. It is a layered dessert consisting of berries such as strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, mulberries, yoghurt and some granola! It is a completely sugar-free dessert except for the sweetness only coming from the berries. The yoghurt makes this dessert oh so creamy and granola gives a perfect crunch. This mouth-watering delicious dessert is again nutrient-packed with all the goodness coming from the berries, yoghurt and granola! What more can diet-conscious guests even ask for?

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