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Different Types of Heavy Bridal Earrings Designs…!!!

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Looking for beautiful bridal earrings? You have so many different varieties to choose from! Add the final touch to your bridal look with these gorgeous heavy bridal earring designs! These elegant and magnificent wedding earrings will complement the rest of your wedding jewellery and help your lobes shine just as much as you!

Here are 5 different types of heavy bridal earring designs:

1. Chandbali Bridal Earrings Designs:

Chandbali Bridal Earrings

Chandbali Bridal Earrings pearls

Chandbali Bridal Earrings stones

Tracing its roots to Mughal and Rajput royalty, the ‘chandbali’ is a bejewelled interpretation of the crescent moon. The earrings are crafted in many variations by jewellers and designers, incorporating enamelling, kundan-jadau and unusual gemstones.

2. Bahubali Bridal Earrings Designs

 Bahubali Bridal Earrings

 Bahubali Bridal Earrings stones

 Bahubali Bridal Earrings pearls

Single or multiple strings attached to oversized earrings are the highlight of this jewellery. Chandbali, jhumki, teardrop, passa shaped earrings, and huge studs with danglers are some of the antique designs featured as bahubali earrings after attaching strings to the same. These chains double up as hair accessories since they pin on to the side or back of the head. Metals like Gold, silver, copper and alloys create these beauties.

3. Jhumka Bridal Earrings Designs:

Jhumka Bridal Earrings

Jhumka Bridal Earrings pearls

Jhumka Bridal Earrings heavy

There are a lot of Indian jewellery options available but the one I find most unique & exquisite are Indian earrings jhumka. The word ‘Jhumki’ refers to the traditional bell-shaped earring design of India. The design has hanging decorative elements. The distinctive ‘jingle’ of these hanging elements attract people the most.

4. Chandelier Bridal Earrings Designs:

Chandelier Bridal Earrings

Chandelier Bridal Earrings Gold


Chandelier Bridal Earrings Stones

They used to hang from ceilings. Now they’re swinging from our ears. Chandelier earrings so much in vogue, add flirtatious sparkle and work well with everything from distressed jeans to debs dresses, from boho looks to dressier, bridal styles.  As they mirror the movement of the head catching the light, some argue that they are the most seductive form of jewellery.

5. Dangles Bridal Earring Designs:

drop Bridal Earrings with emeralds

drop Bridal Earrings with pearls

drop Bridal Earrings

Danglers earrings are versatile accessories that go well with ethnic sarees as much as formal ladies’ suits to the bridal lehenga. Blending earrings danglers with necklaces, earrings, and finger rings make for a wholesome appearance. A modern-day look is all about glitter with danglers and drops. The more accessories you wear on your wedding day- the better.

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