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By Namrata Sahu
Blog timeFeb 20, 2017

It is daunting that you just got engaged, and now you have the mammoth task of wedding planning. It’s something that you dreamed about since your childhood, and it’s finally happening. It is normal for the nerves to set in but we are here to ease your process of kick-starting the wedding planning.

  1. Questions You Must Have Answers to Before Starting…

    1. First things first, get both the families to talk and decide on a location. Are you having a destination wedding vs. multiple locations or all in one city wedding?

    2. Are you having a combined affair or separate wedding functions? This is important as having clarity on this will help you streamline your budget needs.

    3. Number of days of events to be planned for the wedding? Mehendi, Haldi, Cocktail, Sangeet, Wedding, Reception, etc. Make a note of same-day vs. separate day events.
    Now, that you have all the basic information this is the chart that will help you get started

    Celebrate Dream Wedding

  2. The Venue is a Big Thing! Get it Off Your List First-

    Wedding venues are booked months in advance sometimes even a year in advance. So in case you have a particular venue in mind, ringing them up with your probable D-Day is a wise idea. Get a rough estimate of what it would cost to have the wedding indoors vs. outdoor. Most venues have both lawns as well as an indoor option.

    If you are having an Indian wedding, chances are you have quite a few pre-wedding functions as well. Check with the venue authorities if they are giving any combo offers, discounts, etc. While you’re at it, you may as well delve a bit into a few of (these 40 questions) as well. It will give you a good idea of the hidden charges, pros, and cons of your venue.

    Wedding Planning

  3. Next and Most Important Bit – Wedding Budget –

    It may seem like a herculean task at first, but if you break it down like in the picture above, things will start falling in place. Make a rough estimate of how much it might cost for every department (outfits, venue, caterer, decor), etc, etc. Make a few calls to find out the rates and come up with a realistic budget.Wedding Planning

    Now that you have some idea of what you can have within your budget (+- 20-30%), it’s the start to the fun part.

  4. Fun at Wedding Planning

The key is to have fun while planning the wedding, all along keeping in mind not to cross the given budget. If you try and follow the path, you will in time know where to add or subtract in order to get what you want.

Wedding Planning

A good way to do your wedding planning is if you mix it up. Do one tiring task like venue, caterer, and then jump to fun things like planning your pre-wedding photoshoot, or collecting pre-wedding props. The best and the worst part of wedding planning is the shopping. It’s how you plan it out which decides whether your wedding planning journey is fun or painful.

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Namrata SahuNamrata Sahu is the founder and editor of <a href="">Frugal2Fab</a>, a popular Indian Wedding Blog sharing inexpensive wedding inspirations for the Indian Bride. She is one of the few bloggers who gives ideas on how to have a fabulous (pinterest worthy) budget wedding.
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