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House Warming Party Tips for a Memorable Celebration

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When we move into a new house we feel a sense of exhilaration and joy. To share that excitement we invite our loved ones to our new home. Along with enthusiasm, there is a sense of stress that creeps in. To tackle that problem we bring you ideas which will make you an amazing house warming party host. Six house warming party tips for hosting an excellent gathering.

  1.  House Warming Party Tips for Invitation

    To share the big news of owning a new abode you should send out invites to your friends and family. The house warming party invitation can be sent through the medium you are most comfortable with. Sending out cards through the post could be too tiring. Go for E-invites through email, WhatsApp and text. Adding on to that don’t forget to call them, it adds a personal touch to the invite. Try to keep the housewarming party date far from your move-in date. So that you have time to set the essentials at your residence.

    Invite your neighbours too, it will help you grow a bond with them. Also, it will help you to know them better. If you have a different set of friends who do not intermingle with each other well then you can set up multiple small parties. House Warming Party Tips for Invitation

  2. House Warming Party Tips for Planning and Decor

    Plan the decoration and overall setup for the day. The decors usually used are simple flowers. Indians usually go for marigold to decorate their house since it is considered auspicious. If you feel decoration is too much then at least de-clutter the house to keep only essential items around. 

    If you have a small house then you could keep the open house set up. Open house means that instead of inviting them at 2 o’clock, you can ask them to freely drop by anytime between 1-5. This will give you time to attend everyone and the house won’t feel crowded. Next option for small house owners is that they can keep the house warming party in the open garden.   House warming party tips for decoration House Warming Party Tips for Decor

  3. House Warming Party Tips for Home Tour

    Give them the tour they hopingly came in for. Take your entourage around the house and show them each and everything you have placed in your house and do tell them the significance it holds for you. If there are still unopened boxes its totally fine, they will, either way, understand your love for the rawness of your house.

  4. House Warming Party Tips for Food and Drinks

    As a good host, try to arrange food and drinks for your guests. You need not go over the top since you just moved into your new house. Try a simple recipe or order from a caterer. Focus more on giving undivided attention to your guests rather than doing other such chores.

  5. House Warming Party Tips for Games and Music

    If you have invited a close-knit group of friends then you can organize some good bonding games. If the people are from different spheres of life then you can play some icebreaker games. To set the mood right you can play some good songs which are aesthetic to here. There is a housewarming party playlist on Spotify which can be your saviour.

  6. Return Gifts for House Warming Party

    To remind the guests about the special moment you shared with them, give them a small token in the form of a return gift. Usually, Indians go for sweet boxes, silver utensils or Indian deity statues or engraved on a piece. You could give a personal touch to it too by making DIY boxes to store the gift.House Warming Party Tips for Return gift House Warming Party Tips for DIY return gift box








Do share with us the photos of your new house and the house warming celebration. If you have more house warming party tips do share with us in the comments below.

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