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How to choose a Wine?
By BookEventz
Blog timeMar 15, 2013
3 min read

It’s very easy to drool over beautiful wine bottles but can you make a choice about which bottle of wine to buy especially if you are a novice in buying wine? The decision of wine buying depends on a lot of factors like : What kind of food are you going to pair with the wine, how old would you like your wine to be, do you like it to be sweet or bitter etc. The picture below will give you a glimpse of how bad and confusing the entire process of choosing the right wine can get.

How to choose a Wine?


In today’s post we will give you some easy and handy tips to make your wine buying saga a tad easier. So  the next time you visit a hotel all you need to take care for selecting the best wine for you are the “3 Ps “ i.e. Price, Preference and Pairing. Let’s see each of the P’s in detail.


This is one the most important point you need to keep in mind while selecting the best wine for you. Now a days there are wines available for prices that ranges between a partly 900 to an exorbitant and sky is the limit prices. A decent wine merchant will be able to give you plenty of suggestions in your stated price range. So you need to pre decide the kind of money that you are willing to part with for that special bottle of wine.


We all have our individual choices  and they often change in a moment’s notice, but with wine preferences let them be swayed by what you will be drinking them with or who you will be sharing them with. For example, if you are hosting a formal party at your house your preferences might lean towards “safe” reds and whites. For people that may not be accustomed to heavier-bodied, heartier wines, give them a break – buy a softer Merlot or Pinot Noir (sometimes referred to as “Starter Reds”). For a white, who doesn’t enjoy a refreshing Sula Sauvignon Blanc. There are also many other points which some people care to pay attention. Some of them are: alcohol content of the wine, wine label, vintage of wine, acidity etc.  



If you are looking for a wine specifically to pair with dinner tonight, then take into account what the main menu will be. Will it be veg  or non veg? Will you be using fresh or dried herbs and what types? Will the dish be spicy or fruit-filled? These questions can play a key role in deciding which wines will pair well with specific entrees. In general, white wines accent lighter flavored meals really well; while, red wines often compliment heartier meals a bit better. Keep in mind that pairing foods and wines is 99% personal preference and 1% science.

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