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How To Plan A Destination Wedding On Small Budget- Ultimate Guide

By Rutuja Ghodekar
Blog timeNov 10, 2022

For those who are wondering about how to plan a destination wedding on small budget?. We are sharing the ultimate master plan with you. Many couples dream about having a grand wedding at some impeccable place. Indian weddings include innumerable things to do. Before we move ahead please save these lehengas which every bride must have a look at. We understand how to plan a destination wedding on small budget is a challenge for everyone. Also, the grand entry on the wedding day is a must factor.

Everything has to be done from planning the haldi decor to searching for the best menu. After this, you also have to worry about your varmala. This shows us that you have to look after every single detail. Everything of this takes a lot of money to spend. So in this scenario thinking of how to plan a destination wedding on a small budget will be a difficult task.

We have always tried to bring solutions to every problem you might face while planning your wedding. So make sure you take out some time and also read our other blogs.

So here are some awesome tips for you to plan a memorable destination wedding when you have a tight budget.

1. Choose A Location Thoughtfully

  • Make sure when you are thinking of how to plan a destination wedding on small budget be careful about what location you will choose.
  • Think of the location where you take a vehicle or flight directly. Because otherwise making those extra traveling arrangements will take a toll on your pocket.
  • If there is a financial calamity for you consider finding the nearest location to your state or city. It helps you to save money and also managing other things becomes easy.
  • Find a place that is naturally beautiful and appealing. This will help you to save on the decor and lavish arrangements.

2. Best Tip – How To Plan A Destination Wedding On Small Budget

  • When it comes to weddings we know how much we spend on the decor. So you can always choose natural beauty as your destination than 5 stars hotels.
  • You can choose to host your special day at the top of the mountains. Just choose a stunning backdrop and you are done with it.
  • When you choose such a place you don’t have to look after having any grand floral decor. And this will be a major money-saving factor.
  • We hope you will give it consideration and also you can choose some lakeside place with a serene view.

3. Choose An Off Season Wedding Date

  • Save this tip because it’s a great savior for you. When you plan an off-season wedding you get many benefits.
  • Also, the vendors will have less work to do. You will be getting the best service on the same budget.
  • There are very less bookings when you choose the odd dates.
  • So you can see that you will be saving a lot and also get huge discounts.
  • Also, you will be saving on every single service.
  • Don’t forget to share this with your friends who are planning to get married too.

4. Book Stays And Food At The Same Place

  • Make sure the venue you are looking for also gives you food and staying facilities.
  • If you make sure you get to stay and food at the same place you will be in profit.

5. Keep It Intimate If Possible

  • Trying to keep your guest list short and crisp will be beneficial.
  • If you can’t leave your plan aside then some compromises have to be done.
  • You can consider your special friends and family.
  • Later you can host a reception for others who couldn’t attend it.

6. Try To Get Freebies

  • If you have a good amount of guests even if it’s an intimate wedding you can ask restaurants for freebies or some special discounts.
  • You can get salon discount coupons or ask them for free food like a one-time breakfast or many other things.
  • Also, you can ask for a discount on the stay.
  • But you should remember this will work only for local hotels and not the grand chains.

7. Don’t Plan Too Many Events

  • If you plan too many events then your plan will be an absolute flop.
  • Try to complete many possible events at home or some other place.
  • This will help you to make your destination wedding more economical.
  • Also, you will have to spend the lesser time at whatever place you choose.

8. Pick Your Outfit Practically

  • We spend sometimes much more on the outfit than needed.
  • You should first focus on deciding the destination.
  • If you have planned to get married at the beachside then the heavy lehenga is of no use.
  • Hence, be thoughtful and practical while deciding what you will be wearing.

9. Save On Beverages And Food

  • You should order local drinks and don’t import them from somewhere as the cost will be increased.
  • Try offering separate beer or wine and not the complete open bar.
  • Don’t offer too many dishes as no one would have 50 dishes at one go.
  • Rather than dinner you can offer a grand brunch or breakfast.

These were some amazing tips for you to save a huge amount. You should follow this to make your dream of a destination wedding come true. We hope you have now a clear understanding of how to plan a destination wedding on small budget. You can also read our other blogs and we are sure it will be helpful to you. If you are stuck anywhere in your wedding planning reach us through the comments and we will help you with our blogs.






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