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Here’s How to Throw a Snazzy Olympic Theme Birthday Party

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Everyone has got the Olympic fever. And why won’t they? This year, the Olympics have been the most spectacular event ever. So, why not pump up your upcoming birthday with the same fervor. From the decor to the Food and the games, we present to you a descriptive guide on how to throw a snazzy Olympic theme birthday party.

  • Invitation Cards

If you want to invite people in a traditional yet in an innovative manner, then theme based invitation cards will do your job perfectly. It will also give them a gist of the theme and the intensity of the birthday bash which will have them anticipated.

Olympic themed invitation card

Olympic themed birthday invite



  • Olympic themed decor

Get the sporty spirits pumped up with the DIY Olympic themed decor items at your Venue. You can make DIY decor items with household items or else approach a nearby stationary for cooler options. You can use danglers of different flags, olympic color ribbons or balloons to enhance the theme.

Mini flag garland
DIY flag garland

Olympic themed outdoor decor
DIY outdoor decor piece made out of disposable plates and paints

olympic decor

olympic outdoor decor


  • Olympic themed games

You can make your own home-version of some of the great Olympic games. Create a game with easily available materials and have three winners at the end who will be rewarded with DIY medals (tutorial has been mentioned below). This will pique the interest of the guests coming in for the Olympic theme birthday party.

BEAN BAG TOSS– This is a home version of shotput game. Make multiple bean bags by sewing a rectangular cloth into a square shaped bag with corn seeds’ filling. Stick numbers on disposable plates with the colorful tape and place it at equal distance from each other. The person throwing the bean bag farthest, wins.

olympic diy-bean-bag-toss


BALANCE BEAM– You can arrange this game in the outdoor space. This game can be played by kids as well as the adults. The height can be adjusted as per the need. Note that the plank you use,is strong enough to bare the body weight and wont fall apart while a person walks over it. The quickest player to cross the beam without falling off,wins.



DIY RING TOSS– Cut out the middle portion of the disposable plates and paint the outer portion and you will have rings for the game. Note that the plates should be little heavy and should not be made out of paper as it wont fly smoothly in air.

olympic ring toss


  • Olympic Nintendo

Have a special time dedicated for the classic nintendo gameplay where people willing to play will be divided into two groups.Everyone will get a chance to compete with a random player from the other team. If there are few people, you can have semi final and final round. This game will surely bring in nostalgia in the adult group.

Olympic nintendo



  • Edible medals

To spur the energy for the games, make DIY cookie medals with the help of edible paint. You can either use cream biscuits and paint it with three edible colors of brown,silver and gold and award it to the winners while playing above mentioned games.

Edible olympic medals


  • Categorize the International drinks

You can have this, if you are organizing this themed party for an adult. Categorize and place the different liquors/mocktails/cocktails according to their country of origin. At the end, the drink which is the most consumed, will be the winner (For eg. if Vodka is from Russia, and vodka is the most consumed, then Russia/vodka will be the winner).

international drinks around the world


  • Olympic colored menu

Arrange your party snacks and drinks in the olympic colors.

Olympic colored mocktails

olympic themed cupcakes
Olympic colored cupcakes

Olympic jello shots
Olympic jello shots



  • Olympic themed extras

Arrange some extra stuff that will go along with the theme like mini flags, country posters, olympic themed eye wear.

Olympic eyewear


  • Get an Olympic themed Birthday Cake

Whats a birthday without the big anticipatory cake? As cake is supposed to be the highlight of the theme birthday party, customize your yummy cake in the Olympic theme and wow your guests.



  • Use the Olympic torch as an inspiration

Think about the epic Olympic torch while planning for this theme party. You can have cool decor items resembling the torch incorporated into your theme party. Following are few ideas which can help you out with this.

olympic torch cupcakes
Fancy a feisty dessert?

olympic theme food ideas
Never thought popcorn could also resemble the torch.

snacks in cone
Why use plates when you can use beautiful paper cones

olympic themed decor
Olympic decor would be incomplete without its fiery torch

I think we have come to the end of the zesty list of the ideas which is sure to embellish the birthday celebration.

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