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7 Ideas To Keep Your Guests Entertained Before The Wedding Day!

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7 Ideas To Keep Your Guests Entertained Before The Wedding Day!

One week before for the wedding day, and you stand prepared to welcome your guests already. And by guests, we don’t mean the ones who attend the ceremony for the sake of free food, but those-extended families who in excitement land up at the house a week in advance. Yes, we aretalking about the mamajis, tayajis, chachijis and their army of children without whom it’s impossible to get the wedding feels in the house, right?

So let not this excitement fade away before the actual W­edding day arrives. Make an effort and keep them entertained and engaged with the following fun ideas:

Welcome Gifts:

Prepare a small kit full of chocolates, a welcome message and a fun­filled timetable of the activities arranged for them. Also, don’t forget to mention the breakfast/lunch/dinner timings. This will definitely charge them up for the following days.

wedding day

You can either present them these welcome kits when they enter or place them in the rooms allotted to them.

wedding day
Sample wedding time line

Quick Bites All Day:

wedding day

Keep munchies likes biscuits, chocolates or crackers with dips available for the guests all the time. A well­fed guest can never be unhappy.

Ice­breaking Entertainment:

wedding day

There are possibilities that a lot of people will meet for the first time at the wedding. Arrange ice­breaking games like karaoke booth, housie, dance­off, dumb charades or the good ol’ antakshari to liven up the atmosphere.

Games For Li’l Guests:


Let’s not forget that the li’l guests are a part of your wedding celebrations too. Arrange board games, painting or dance sessions for them. You can also give them fun duties like assembling the elders for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Arrange A City Tour:



Especially for those who’ve come to the city for the first time! Since they might leave immediately after the wedding, a city tour would be a great outing for them.

Organise Live Performances:



Hire a stand­up comedian, musician or maybe a magician! Keep it as a surprise and let the fun never end.

Sangeet Practices/Wedding Duties:

dance practice

Make them feel like home. Ask them to be a part of the sangeet performances. You can also give them some of the wedding duties if you want.

Remember, Happy guests means a successful wedding! 😀
Send them home with happy memories and they’ll remember your wedding forever.

wedding day


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