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Indian Bridesmaid Hairstyles: Short, Medium and Long Hair

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Bridesmaids have a lot of duties. They have to keep up with the bride’s essentials list, like what to buy, when to buy, from where to buy, and so on. They have to help the bride look perfect on her wedding day, and help her stay perfect through all the tiring ceremonies. In all of this, they need to take care of their own appearance. And the biggest hassle is “what to do with the hair”. We are here to help the bride’s most cherished helpers. In this blog, we will lay ideas for different Indian Bridesmaid hairstyles for short, medium and long length hair.

Indian Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Short Hair

Just brush your hair the way its most comfortable and play with the accessories

Bridesmaid hairstyles_short loose hair

Take equal strands of hair from both sides, twisting them backwards, and secure them at the center. Repeat this till you have desired number of layers.

Bridesmaid hairstyles_short twists

Creating a bun with short hair is now that tricky. Just follow the steps as shown in the images and accessorize with tiny flowers or stars.

Bridesmaid hairstyles_Bun

Bridesmaid hairstyles_elaborate bun

Indian Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Medium Length Hair

This seemingly elaborate bun is great as a bridesmaid hairstyle for weddings.

Bridesmaid hairstyles_Medium hair Bun

Just gather some of your hair as shown in the pictures below and accessorize with flowers or jewelry.

Bridesmaid hairstyles _Medium hair Half Up

Bridesmaid hairstyles_Medium hair half up

A side fish tale braid is a sure short option for your medium length hair

Bridesmaid hairstyles_side fish tale medium hair

Gather your hair to one side and accessorize

Bridesmaid hairstyles_medium side loose

Indian Bridesmaid Hairstyles for Long Hair

These types of low buns bridge the gap between traditional and modern

Bridesmaid hairstyles_long hair bun

Create a side puff and create a seamless side fish-tale braid

Bridesmaid hairstyles_long hair fishtale braid

Puff and secure hair at the crown of your hair and accessorize

Bridesmaid hairstyles_long hair half up

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