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Memorable Wedding Photography Poses for an Indian Couple

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Wedding photography poses are the most important thing of any wedding. One of the most important days in one’s life is a wedding day. So, as human memory fades, stolen captured moments don’t. Such moments can be captured and cherished forever through the pictures of the wedding day. And reminding a couple of their greatest happiness and shared moments of joy to last their entire lifetime. But these still frames can portray a great deal. And each couple wishes to capture them with the best of their looks and poses. So, that they can showcase them not only to their family and friends but to keep the beauty within those pictures alive. And there are plenty of wedding photography poses found online, but here Bookeventz provides you with a select choice of the best possible pictures for your wedding.

  1. Carry the Bride

    The classic bride and groom pose. With the groom carrying his beloved bride in the arms and staring at the depth of each other’s eyes, the moment is candid and as eternal as the love itself.

    carry the bride pose
    Couple Image

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  2. The Forehead Touch

    One of the most intimate poses for newlyweds. The touch of the forehead is the most serene and respectful picture shot while the two lovebirds stare into each other’s eyes. You can edit the picture and frame it on your bedroom wall, this can later be a reminder to a couple of the intimacy shared at rough times.

    Indian Couple Images

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  3.  Hand In Hand, We Walk Miles

    This picture depicts the couple in harmony, peace, and union. The walk is the journey of life and the picture later reminds the couple in the later years of the vow that they took together to walk side by side, hand in hand beside each other.

    hand in hand, we walk miles
    Wedding Couple Images

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  4.  A Candid Shot, Please!

    A picture can narrate a thousand words, and a candid shot can tell you the love story of a couple. For the wedding picture, have a candid shot of the couple enjoying and having some quality time with each other. It may be a shared moment of intimate talk, or some dance moves, or just a special moment for the ceremony. These pictures become meaningful as they can make one realize the good times shared together in the later years of marriage.

    Indian Couple Image

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  5.  I Stand By Your Side

    A wedding is incomplete without a picture of the couple right by each other’s side. You can have your own unique pose for the picture, trying out a Bollywood style or just a plain old simple head-on shoulders look, but a side-by-side picture of the couple is a must-have as it represents how well you fit by each other’s side and always will.

    I stand by your side
    Best Couple Image

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  6.  A Forehead Wedding Photography Poses





A tender kiss on the forehead is a significance of love and a promise to take care and cherish your partner. A picture capturing the moment of such intimacy and promises can always hold the love of a couple steady throughout their entire life. Such a picture stands for the promise of trust and the vows made by one. A promise to make you mine.

 A Forehead Wedding Photography Poses
Married Couple Image

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Here you go, these are the best and the must-haves for the wedding. Each picture holds a different significance and can be of added value to the couple. Now not only you have a bunch of meaningful and significant pictures in your wedding scrapbook but a series of the most cultivated and magnificent romantic pictures of all time.

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  1. Is memorable wedding photography the most important thing when it comes to wedding?Yes,Wedding photography is important because it will capture the most important day of the life,it will capture the memories,it will tell an important story of the special day,a day which no one wants to forget.So BOOKEVENTZ helps you to capture the most important day.

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