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15 Royal Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

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Jodhpuri suits for wedding, is a formal suit from India. Originally from the State of Jodhpur, this was popularized during mid 19th – mid 20th century in India. It consists of a coat and trousers and can be worn with a vest. It brings together a shorter cut with hand embroidery. This is escorted by the waistcoat. It is suitable for occasions such as weddings and formal gatherings.

The material can be silk or any other suiting material. Normally, the material is lined at the collar and at the buttons with embroidery. This can be plain, jacquard or jamewar material. Normally, the trousers match that of the coat. There is also a trend to wear contrasting trousers to match the coat color.

The Bandhgala or galabandh or Jodhpuri suits for wedding fuses ethnic style of clothing with western cuts.  It had emerged when the British structured jacket was fused with Indian Angrakha during the British era in India. Owing to its royal and formal nature, traditional Bandhgala suits come in single tones. They are either in deep dark tones like black or navy or they are in lighter formal hues like white, cream or off-white Adding a waistcoat to a galabandh is a new trend, quite popular with those who use it as wedding-wear. The waistcoats may have traditional ethnic embroidery or jacquard or jamewar.

As part of a your wedding closet this is the outfit that’s sharply tailored to perfection and exudes class. Ensure that your look is on-point with these Bandhgala suit styling ideas that will give you a royal look that’s extravagant and flattering. Here are types of  Jodhpuri Suits for wedding,  that will help you to exude royalty on your special day. Take a look!

1.Ethnic Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

This ethnic Bandhgala suit talks about powerful silhouettes, lightweight ensembles, timeless colours and impeccable tailoring.

ethnic Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

2.Printed Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

This printed bandgala suit is an embodiment of vibrant, joyous energy. This is ideal attire for grooms who have a flair to carry offbeat looks with ease.

printed Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

3. Go Velvet

Velvet and silk suits always trend in the peak of the wedding season. This is surely at the top for groom looks for wedding.  These will surely keep you cozy for long hours.

velvet and silk Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

4. Embroidered Jodhpuri Suits for Groom

Go for gorgeous embroidered Jodhpuri suits placed on the lightweight and comfy fabric. Pick those in light pastel shades to stand out amid all the bright wedding lights.

embroidered Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

5. Classic Style Jodhpuri Suits for Groom

Classic Bandhgala suits are all about fitted pants but you can surely experiment with the silhouette. Choose the evergreen black and grey piece to rock on your wedding day.

classic Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

6. Jodhpuri Suits with Tulip Hem

Created with the finest of fabric, this contemporary Bandhgala suit features a tulip hem. Its statement color and unique silhouette make it a perfect addition for men’s wedding wear, especially for those who want to look as stylish as their brides. Don’t forget to match a great set of loafers with this one.

tulip hem Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

7. Monotone Suits

Go for this option to look better fitted in your clothes. Monotone is the way to look taller and well-toned. Don a well tailored rich suit for a classy look.

monotone Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

8. Sleek Jodhpuri Suits for Groom

Elegant, modern, sleek, this Bandhgala suit  is absolute perfection. Enhance this style with a pair of oxford, derby or black-tie shoes and you’re sorted. You can also opt for fancy pocket squares.

sleek Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

9. Suede Suits

This Jodhpuri Suit Is Perfect One Crafted With Embroidery. This  is a perfect fashion statement since most Indian Grooms prefer this  attire.  A Bandhgala made with suede can be your key to looking regal. This suit features a self woven texture and a matching bottom trousers for a dashing wedding look

suede Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

10. Asymmetric Hem and Pin tucked Suits

Asymmetric hem and pin tuck details on one side is the perfect option for weddings. A well-fitted white shirt and smart black shoes are all you need to intensify this look.

asymmetric and pintuck Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

11. Quilted Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

Quilted Scuba Jodhpuri Suit in Black is an excellent choice. This Readymade attire is enhanced with buttons and is crafted in Chinese collar neck and Full Sleeve. Quilted fabrics give the jacket a structured look without adding any bulk. Choose a style with riveted collars, long sleeves, button-down placket and pocket flaps for a chic look.

quilted Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

12. Jodhpuri Suits with Dupatta

This one has leather piping and patch detailing. It is a shiny beige Jodhpuri suit for wedding and is perfect for modern grooms. Wear this if you do not desire to wear an overly decorated outfit. Pair it with a richly embroidered dupatta.

dupatta Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

13. Chikankari Suits

Chikankari is one of the biggest fashion trends of the season and here’s how even grooms can wear it without looking under-dressed. Add a Chikankari kurta underneath giving a neat finish to your look.

chikankari Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

14. Double Breasted Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

It has bottom as trouser made from same fabric. The best Jodhpuri suits for wedding you can don on any of your functions. A double-breasted Jodhpuri jacket with matching pants and shoes is ideal. If you are someone who doesn’t mind taking wardrobe risks, pick  a double-breasted Jodhpuri jacket with matching pants and shoes. To make it stand out further, consider adding metallic buttons.

double breasted Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

15. Indo-Western Suits

Men prefer to go with outfits in Indo-western or ethnic look rather than choosing a completely western one for special occasions like wedding. You can wear a Jodhpuri suit in any season, they perfectly pair up with distinct occasions. If your preferences for colors differ with different seasons, then do not worry we have got it all for you, everlasting black, blue, white, red and many more. These suits are available in different fabrics as well, Banaras silk, brocade, velvet, jacquard, khadi, silk and others. Buy your favorite from our latest range of Designer Jodhpuri suits. Sport  a combination of a  textured jacket, glazed bottom churidar pants and a long kurta. The mix and match of various fabrics and textures create the right kind of style quotient.

indo western Jodhpuri Suits for Wedding

These stylish Jodhpuri suits for wedding will have you sorted for your wedding functions Along with picking the right suit and accessories carry your confidence on the sleeve to stay dapper.

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