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Know Your Drink: Wines

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Know Your Drink: Wines

The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the word “Wines” is Grapes and alcohol. We (or most of us) would first think about grapes because wines are derived from grapes which can be both black and green. And we will also think alcohol because the processed grapes byproduct is alcohol. There are a lot of people who are wine crazy and know a lot about wine tasting, types of wines, how to make the best wine etc. This blog is definitely not for the pro wine lovers who already know a lot about this drink, this is for the amateurs who have just heard that there is a drink called wine and may have tasted it a few times.

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Before we get to know more about this drink, let me tell you or give you a brief about how this drink is actually made. The process of wine making varies depending on the type of wine that is made and the kind of grapes that is used. The primary ingredients used in making wine are Grapes and Yeast. It is yeast that ferments and converts the plain grape juice into wine. This yeast also has a part in adding taste to the wine besides the variety and the kinds of grapes used, the kinds of barrels used to store wine etc.

Wines are generally seen in either Black or white color, but you will be surprised to know that grape juice is basically colorless to golden in color. The color in the wine is because of the skins that are left in the wine during the fermentation process. It is actually even possible to make white wine from black grapes; the magic here is to not let the skin get in contact with the juice.


This was our first cut to start a series on wines where we will be covering things like different kinds of wines, how and what to check while tasting wines, how to find the best food to pair with wines, health benefits etc.  Till you wait for our next post where we cover this amazing beverage, we recommend you to check our website and hit the best places to taste and experience the best collection of wines.


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