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A Complete Guide All the Trendiest and the Best Types of Lehenga!

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Gone are days when you only had to pick the color and the design for your wedding lehenga, there are so many new silhouettes and so many different types of lehenga designs. Selecting types of lehenga that you wanna wear for different functions is very hard and extremely confusing. Here are different types of lehenga types of lehenga designs we will cover in our blog:-

a. Trendy and New Types of lehenga

b. Evergreen Styles of Lehenga

c. Seasonal Lehenga Designs

Scroll down and find all the different types of lehenga available.

If you like something a specific blog with the link to your favorite lehenga is provided with their respective sub headings. 

1. Zardosi Lehenga Designs

Zardosi designs have a special place in every woman’s heart! They are traditional, classic, and of course very opulent. The word literally means ‘gold’ and ‘sewing’. When the word itself is this regal, thinking about the lehenga would make anybody fall in love. The heavy and elaborate embroidery on royal fabrics like silk or velvet fabric base gives the zardosi lehenga its grandeur.

types of lehenga

2. Cape Types of Lehenga

Cape-style lehengas have been on our wishlist for quite some time now. They are making a huge comeback this wedding season. Not only are they chic and voguish, but they are also fuss-free and super easy to carry. Let’s follow the trend in the full swag with this pastel pink cape lehenga.

types of lehenga

3. Chevron Lehenga

These lehengas make a style statement on their own. Bridal clothing always has the added benefit of experimenting. Chevron patterns and lehengas have been on our list for a while now. Brides are going crazy about the chevron pattern this year. If you are looking for a chic outfit for your wedding day. Here are some chevron lehenga styles we will be looking into.

types of lehenga

4. Multicolored Lehenga

Most brides usually select what kind of lehenga they want to wear on their wedding day way before they decide on the groom. Many modern brides are ditching the regular traditional pattern with changing trends. They are open to trying something new and unique. Multi-colored patterns and pastel shades are in trend right now.

Types of lehenga

5. Hand Painted Lehenga Designs

To find a lehenga that matches your personality and be off-beat is now possible. Considering the number of options out there, picking the right lehenga is almost an impossible job. So to make it a little less impossible we’ve found hand-painted lehenga designs for brides with a little quirk. Hand Painted lehengas are simple and glamourous.

types of lehenga

6. Types of Lehenga Ombre Lehenga

Colorful, soulful, vivid, and everything you can ask for in a wedding dress. Ombre lehengas are a trend worth bookmarking, 2021 brides have wowed everyone with their drool-worthy lehenga and outfit choices. This ombre lehenga trend is no less than the pastel and floral trends. We have collected the classiest and the most regal ombre lehenga designs for you. Even the best designers have surprised us with their amazing outfit ombre lehengas.

types of lehenga

7. Chikankari Lehenga Designs

Chikankari is a traditional and the most popular embroidery style. Consequently, with time the classic design has undergone a transformation and is available in a wide range of hues. And, these chikankari embroideries are timeless and pristine. You should consider this chikankari lehenga for your special day if somber is your style.

types of lehenga

8. Gotta Patti Types of Lehenga

Gota patti lehenga design is one of the best ways to make your lehenga beautiful and charming. So, just adding a gota patti to your lehenga enhances its overall look. And brides love to have gotta patti in her entire lehenga to give a more intricate look to her lehenga. Gota patti designs look surreal and brides will look gorgeous in this lehenga.

types of lehenga

9. Banarasi Bridal Lehenga

Bridal banarasi lehenga is one of the options brides can go for their wedding outfits. So, the point is banarasi lehenga in itself looks royal and luxurious. And if brides are wearing a banarasi lehenga choli for their wedding then it automatically enriches the look. So, brides must try out a banarasi lehenga look for their wedding.

types of lehenga

10. Peplum Style- Types of Lehenga

Peplum lehengas are the most unique way to experiment with your look. And it will help you have a beautiful bridal look as well. So, having peplum lehengas on the wedding day is a fantastic way to have a bewitching dress at your wedding.

types of lehenga

11. Velvet Bridal Lehengas

Indian brides are loving velvet bridal lehenga. And they are trying to flaunt their wedding function in velvet lehengas. The brides of India love to experiment. That is why they are trying a different look for their D-day as well. . These bridal lehenga trends are many but this one is surely the one that will light up your bridal look by leaps and bounds.

types of lehenga

12. Applique Work Lehenga

This lehenga is quirky and trendy for the modern bride! Brides are loving this unconventional trend for their wedding. Also, the intricate designs will mesmerize everyone. This is a lehenga type that no bride can say no to. And if you are looking for a lehenga that has bling but is not over shinny, we have found the one for you.

types of lehenga

13. Half Saree Lehenga

Inspired by the South Indian way of draping dupatta this style of semi saree and semi lehenga aka half saree is gaining huge attention. It is both elegant and contemporary. Feels like wearing both a saree and lehenga in one outfit. This lehenga would work great with hourglass, pear, apple, and tall body structures. It can also be seen as a low flare A-line lehenga. The bride’s mother too can done this fashion attire.

types of lehenga

14. Panel Work Design Lehenga

As the name suggests, these lehenga styles have horizontal panels stitched along the flare. The panels of the lehenga skirt are arranged the way, Kalis, that is, petals are there in a flower. Since there are too many panels in the lehenga, the volume of the flare of the lehenga increases tremendously. The volume hence enhances the elegance of the bridal lehenga look.

Types of lehenga

15. Short or Cropped Skirt Lehenga

These skirts are ankle-length and some end just above the ankle as opposed to the long lehengas. It does not have the flowing length of the traditional lehenga skirts. Usually, these skirts are panelled or pleated. These ones are not appropriate for the wedding day but it can be worn for haldi or Mehendi. Also, it is a great option if you are a guest at an Indian wedding.

types of lehenga

All of these types of lehenga are fantastic. For more Wedding ideas and bride ideas do check out our Facebook page.

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