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9 Magical Ways to Light up Your Outdoor Party

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We all have those party animals in our gang who are always ready to attend a party and make full fun out it. But, the kind of parties they would have imagined are in just clubs, 5 star hotels, pubs, and resorts. Who can ever imagine that even a house outdoor party could be so wonderful and fun. We have found some of the simple lighting ideas for outdoor parties that would make your party visitors go crazy and keep wowing the whole time. We assure you to make your party a hit with these outdoor party lights. Check them out and you will know.


Glowing Plant pots:

Wow! We wouldn’t had imagine these simple plant pots would look this alluring. Its damn easy to make them. Just get those glow-in-the-dark paint and do it all over the pots and later, just see the effect on your party.

glow party lights

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Glowing paper lanterns:

Nwo this is something simple yet could manage to create a stunning hue at your party. You can find them anywhere at your nearest stores and dont need to face a great hassle to enlighten your party.

hanging lanterns party lights


Hanging jars:

See your backyard or garden illuminate with a fantasizing effect with this simple idea. Gather all the old glass jar, wrap a wire around them and attach a hook in order to give the required support to get them hanged over the trees. Do some arrangements of small lights to place them in the jar and light them. See the magic once you are done.

hanging lights party lights


Glittering jars:

Lets put some twist on the above idea. How about making it like a magical glittering lights with tiny lights. The only thing you’ll have to do is to get those glow-in-the-dark spray paint and apply it at the inside. Results would be surely unbelievable for your party.



Lighted Buckets:

Make your party visitors path a fantastic glowing way to make them delighted the moment they enter the bash. Place the tiny lights inside the plastic jars and place them all the way by entrance.

party lights


Glow stick stuff in Water Balloon:

Open the glow stick and take the stuff out. Put it in the balloon and fill some part with water. Now, just hang them on trees and other areas to create an embellishing feel at the party.

glowing party lights


Tin Can Lanterns:

Looks marvellous and too easy to execute. Fill the tin cans with water and freeze them. After getting freezed, make tiny holes to make a design on every can with hammer and nail. Insert small lights inside once the water has been unfreezed.

tin lanterns party lights


Cupcakes lights.

Ever imagined after having those cupcakes the left cover could be so useful? You have to do nothing, just fit those little bulbs inside colourful cupcake liners to make nimble and sweet lights for your party.

cupcake party lights


Chandeliers with hula hoop:

Wrap a hula hoop with colorful ribbon and assemble the icicle lights around the hula hoop. Your beautiful chandeliers is ready within minutes.

Chandeliers with hula hoop party lights


Your night party can be turned into a fantasy world with little of your efforts if you combine many of these ideas and your guests wont get tired to admire the whole decor.


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