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Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals: All You Need To Know!!!

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Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals are the most cruising and the least vainglorious in the entire nation. Moreover, there are no superfluous pre-wedding occasions that have no otherworldly noteworthiness. Also, the wedding customs display the guiding principle of the Maharashtrian culture. However, it is not to mix up as this dull and formal undertaking. Also check out some exciting Bollywood wedding look ideas!!

Here Is A Complete Guide On Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals!!

Pre-Wedding Rituals

Sakhar Puda

This is the official commitment function in a Maharashtrian wedding, which we call by Sakhar or desserts. Here, the man of the hour’s mom applies Haldi-Kumkum on the lady’s brow as endowments. And blessings her saree, adornments and Sakhar Puda or desserts. Also, the mother of the lady of the hour follows similar ceremonies with the lucky man. After this, the couple trades wedding bands.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Sakhar Puda – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Kelvan Ritual

This is played out a couple of days preceding the wedding. Both the families play out a Puja to their Kuldevta or family divinity for gifts. Moreover, this function is typically then followed by dinners among family and close family members.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Kelvan Rituals – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Halad Chadhavne

Similar wedded ladies from Muhurta Karane play out this Maharashtrian variant of Haldi. Moreover, they apply turmeric glue with mango leaves on the brow, shoulders, hands and feet of the lucky man. Moreover, this equivalent glue is then taken to the lady and a similar custom is performed with the lady of the hour.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Halad Chadhavne -Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Wedding Rituals

Seemant Pujan

The lady of the hour’s folks take her to the wedding scene. Moreover, request that everybody favor their girl on Punyavachan. In Seemanpuja, on the lucky man’s appearance, the lady of the hour’s mom gets him with Aarti and desserts. Also, she washes the husband to be’s feet and applies Tilak on his temple.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Seemant Pujan – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Gaurihar Puja

The lady is decked up in customary wedding clothing. Moreover, normally talented to her by the maternal uncle. Moreover, she offers her love to a silver icon of Goddess Parvati put on a hill of rice. Also, she offers a portion of the rice to the Goddess and requests her approval for a prosperous life.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Gaurihar Puja – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Antarpat Ritual

The man of the hour currently shows up at the mandap with his head secured by a customary top or turban; he wears the mundavalya and sits at his assigned spot on the mandap. Moreover, a material is held before the husband to be forestalling him to see the lady of the hour and this fabric is known as the Antarpat.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Antarpat Ritual – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Sankalp Ritual

The minister drones the Mangalashtakas, or heavenly marital promises. Moreover, the lady of the hour is directed to the mandap by her maternal uncle. Also, the Antarpat is eliminated and the couple sees one another. They trade the festoons and are showered with akshatas or whole rice.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Sankalp Ritual – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Kanyadaan Ritual

The dad of the lady at that point parts with his girl to the man of the hour alongside his favors for them to begin an existence of Dharma, Artha and Kama. Moreover, the man of the hour acknowledges his endowments and says he is accepting adoration in return of affection. Also, the lady is the Divine love that is showered from the Sky and got on Earth.

Maharshtrian Wedding Ritual
Kanyadaan Ritual – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Saptapadi Ritual

The couple takes seven rounds around the blessed fire. Moreover, the lady of the hour is needed to contact seven betel nuts set on head of little hills of rice with her correct foot. When the seven rounds are done, she puts her foot on a grindstone. While the lucky man holds her hand or foot, representing that she should be solid and he will consistently uphold her.

Maharashtrian Wedding Ritual
Saptapadi Ritual – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Karmasampati Ritual

The couple plays out the Laxmi Pujan and adores until the fire extinguishes. So, the man of the hour at that point gives the lady another name. At last, the sibling of the lady of the hour teasingly contorts the husband to be’s ear to help him to remember his conjugal obligations and the couple takes everybody’s favors at long last.

Maharashtrian Wedding Ritual
Karmasampati Ritual – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

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Post-Wedding Rituals


Varat in a Maharashtrian wedding essentially implies the goodbye of the lady from her folks’ home to her new family. Moreover, it’s typically a parade that follows the lady of the hour till her parents in law’s home. While the lady of the hour offers her farewells, the lucky man conveys the Parvati icon from Gaurihar Puja.

Maharashtrian Wedding Ritual
Varat – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals


When the lady and her better half arrive at his home, his mom invites them with a pooja and washes their feet with water and milk. Moreover, the lady at that point tenderly kicks a kalash of rice at the limit of the entryway and the two go into the house, setting their correct foot first.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Grihapravesh – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals


The last festival party is composed where the lady and the lucky man are acquainted with all the visitors. The lady wears a saree that is skilled to her by the husband to be’s family and the man of the hour wears an outfit that the lady’s folks blessing him.

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals
Reception – Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

Here is a complete guide on Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals.

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