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Make Your Wedding ‘Pawfect’ With Your Pets!

This wedding season indulge in the newest trend by allowing your pooch to be your new wedding companion! Yes, you heard it right! Make your beloved pets your partners in your wedding and make your wedding extra special and memorable with your furbabies. As pets today are considered nothing less than a family member, it’s natural that you feel the need to have your canine best friend beside you on your special day.

Here’s how you can include your fondles in your wedding rituals:

1. Save The Date Photoshoot

Make your pets a part of your Save The Date photo shoot. Dress them up or make them hold a sign which reveals the date of your special day. These pooches would not only help you spread the message but would also leave you with a memorable photo to look back at. Let them be the ‘something unique’ element in your photographs!

Save The Date Photoshoot With Your Pets, Include your pets in your wedding,
Save The Date Photoshoot

2. Play DressUp

Can you suggest a better way to make your wedding even more special than it already is? Yes, we can! For all the animal lovers out there who are looking forward to inviting the most loved family member, this idea is something that wouldn’t let you get enough of your cute furbabies! Customise small outfits for your pets or let your dog’s wedding dress match your wedding attire and make them a part of your gang.

Play dressup with your pets, dressup your pooches
Match Your Wedding Outfits With Your Pooches

3. Make them a part of your Baarat or Bridal entry

When people today are coming up with the most unique way of making a grand entrance at their own wedding, then why should you hold yourself back? Walking down the aisle with your girlfriends or family members or making a grand entrance on desi B-wood songs are so next season! It is time to grab the leash of your pets and turn the heads of the guests. Making an entrance with your pooches will not only boost your confidence but will also make you happier!

Bridal Entry with your pets, Baarat entry with pets
Make A Grand Entrance With Your Pets

4. Assign them a job like being a Ring Bearer

Another simple way of making your pets a part of the nuptials is by assigning them the most essential job, make them your ring bearer! Let them be the one to gift you and your partner the special forever bands. These cute ring bearers will make your day even more special and will be the reason behind everyone’s smile at your wedding.

Make your pets ring bearers
Pets Can Be The cutest Ring bearers!

5. Customise your wedding details according to your pets

It is not a herculean task to make your pets feel invited to your wedding! Here’s another idea that will make your furbabies an important part of your special day. Name a cocktail after your pooch or order some cake toppers inspired by your furbabies and make your day more unique. Make your wedding more pet-friendly by adding these small details!

Elements for pets in your wedding
Customize Elements For Your Pets

6. Include them in all your wedding pictures

Weddings are all about living in the moment and making memories for life! From capturing the candids to clicking the big family picture, these photographs from your wedding capture the moments you would cherish for life. Thus, by including your pets in all your pictures will not only make your photographs special but will also leave you with some of the best moments to look back at.

Pictures with pets, photo shoot with your pooch
Take Photos With Your Pets

As weddings are all about you make sure you have your biggest support system, your little pooch beside you to make your day remarkable.

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