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Things That Make McDonalds A Favourite Birthday Party Place For Kids

Birthday is not an everyday affair after all. Colourful balloons, music, dance, games, gifts, are of these hold high repute to the kids. They wait for this event the entire year. It has to be special in so many ways for them to be part of their joy stories. A birthday party place that fulfils it all for kids is McDonald’s. Kids are overjoyed to celebrate their bday with their friends at Mcdonalds. With lively decor and their favourite lip-smacking burgers, french fries, cakes and soft drinks on the platter, kids enjoy their day to the fullest. If you are wondering what is it that makes kids so excited about birthday parties at McDonald. We got you all. Let us peek into the exciting world of Birthday parties at Mcdonald’s.

Here are the 7 things that make McDonald’s birthday party ideal for kids

  1. Exciting happy meal for the happy occasion:

The best thing about McDonald’s is they hold parties with easy options for kids to eat.  McDonald’s birthday party package has the most loved meals by the kids. The birthday meal includes a regular rink, Regular portion of Hot and Crispy French Fries or veggies as snacks. The main meal brings joy for kids with a happy meal toy and their lovable burger on the plate. Mcdonalds birthday party cost in India is affordable for parents. The happy meal for B’days starts from the most pocket- friendly range of Rs.250/ person.

Mcdonalds Birthday Party place Happy Meal
Mcdonalds Happy Meal
  1. Party professionals at birthday party place:

You are the organiser, you take care of the arrangement! It is not the case at Mcdonalds. One of the categories of several party packages also looks into taking the burden off your mind. So, party hosts at Mcdonalds take care of all the planning part, food, and décor.McDonald’s professionals are highly trained to understand your needs, follow the procedural directions and deliver as promised for a kid’s birthday. This is the birthday party venue where parents also enjoy, kick back and revel in the fun of their kid’s happy occasion.

McDonalds Trained staff
McDonalds Trained Professional

3. Specially trained host:

McDonald’s birthday party package also includes a host who engages your little guests with some amazing fun games. The host who is trained to deal with the kids takes care of announcing the games and prizes. His presence takes no time in involvement with kid’s birthday games and birthday party activities filling the place with a lot more giggles. Kids engage in their most loved group games and activities. With Host onboard, there is no place for boredom to creep in your little one’s party place.

McDonald Birthday Activities
Mcdonalds Party Hosts

4. Peppy Party invitation cards:

When the king of fun Ronald becomes a part of your invites, who can resist being a part of the party? All fun, peppy, invitation cards are provided by Mcdonalds for the little one’s pals and peers. The fun invites set the theme of the birthday party place for the guests even before they arrive at the venue. Once you book the deal of celebrating the birthday party, you will be notified about the date for collecting the invitation cards from the kid’s party place or you can also download free invites from the McDonald website.

McDonalds birthday invites
MacDonald’s Birthday Invites

DIY birthday Invites

5. Treat and surprises for the guests:

This birthday party place for kids has room for all the surprises and laughter. The element of surprise here there keeps the jazz up. Mcdonalds treats the guests with an element of surprise with funky headbands, interesting prizes won from games and return gifts given in an attractive and stylish bag. There is no breather from surprises for munchkin and his gang. Your guests are thrilled with joy even when they have to say goodbye when they receive their favourite cartoon characters as return birthday gifts with their ordered happy meals.

Mcdonalds Happy Meal toys
Happy Meal Toy

6. Special surprises for the birthday kid:

Its Birthday kid’s special day and Macdonalds leaves no stone unturned to make it more special for the little one. This birthday party venue pampers your kid with birthday party activities, the kid’s birthday gifts and specially made birthday cake (optional). The goodies for birthday kid includes special gift like Ronald Mcdonald – ‘What’s the Word- A fun-filled, word guessing game’, Special Birthday Card – Signed by Ronald McDonald and Special Greeting Board awaits the little friends at the party.

Mcdonalds birthday Cakes
Birthday surprise for B’day Kid


7. Exclusive spaces for Kids’ Bday Parties:

Most of the Macdonalds’ Restaurants have exclusive spaces B’day celebrations. You and your kids have the best of time if you have your dedicated space at the birthday party place where kids can play games and enjoy the company of their friends. And guess what! You can avail this service of dedicated space with no extra charges which makes McDonald’s birthday party cost very reasonable. All these exclusive qualities make McDonald’s best birthday place for kids.

With such happy deals, surprises, music, dance, fun and games, every kid would shout with joy and say I’m lovin’ it!!

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