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Mehendi Ideas

These Mehndi Decor Ideas Will Make Your Guests’ Jaws Drop!

By Darshit Tanna
Blog timeOct 11, 2023

Mehndi Ceremony, one of the prettiest wedding rituals to ever exist! It is one of the earliest pre-wedding activities that take place and in a way, kickstarts the wedding. We are sure you might have made arrangements for the outfits, the seating arrangement, the mehndi designs like for the modern brides, the kids, etc. Well, we don’t want you to miss out on an essential element, the decor! Hence, we have curated some best Mehndi Decor ideas for you. These are the ones that will blow your mind and make your Mehndi Ceremony one of a kind. Whether you are looking for the Mehndi Decoration at home or for the banquets, we have got you covered.

Here are Some Amazing Mehndi Decor Ideas for you!

Dulhaniya-Engraved Floral Wall

Mehndi Decor - Dulhaniya decor

This dulhaniya-inscribed floral wall backdrop will surely leave your guests speechless for the quirkiness it will bring. Incorporate this cute decoration by hanging inverted colorful umbrellas adorned with a simple floral backdrop.

Kai Po Che!

Mehndi Decor - kites

This Mehndi Decor is so wonderful that you can’t take your eyes off it. The elegance of this decoration idea is quite easy to achieve, you just need to have colorful kites as your backdrop and white sofas for the seating arrangement.

Height of Vibrancy

Mehndi Decor - vibrant

This grand and extravagant mandap-style decoration is as cool as you can imagine. Your guests’ mouths will be found wide open after looking at the vibrant blend of the charpais, the Rajasthani umbrellas, and bright pillows. 

In-Tents Mehndi Decor

Mehndi Decor - Tents

Make your Mehndi Ceremony stand apart with this decoration idea. This tent-styled decoration is the best for outdoors. Incorporate this decor by placing spacious tents, and colorful throw pillows, adorned with minimal floral arrangements.

Contrast of Blue and Pink

Mehndi Decor - blue and pink

A beautiful blue backdrop contrasting the pink sofas! Ah, this feels blissful, so much so that your guests will be taken by surprise seeing this decor. Adorn this Mehndi Decor with minimal floral arrangements and witness its magic.

Ringy Swingy

Mehndi Decor - ringy swingy

A ring-shaped swing adorned with some beautiful marigold trails and a bunch of colorful flowers is enough to make the guests go ‘Wow’. This is a perfect decor idea for the outdoors.

Laal Ishq

Mehndi Decor - laal ishq

Anything that’s red looks romantic, don’t you agree with us? Hence this red-themed Mehndi Decor idea looks gorgeous. Along with red, play with other warm tones orange and pink that offset a crimson heart. Exquisite florals, gold accents, and fun props can be used for the adornment of this magnificent decor.

The Magic of White & Gold

Mehndi Decor - gold and white

If sophistication was an image, this is what it would look like. Smother the ceiling with strings of tuberoses and gold tassels and achieve the definition of elegance. For the suitable mood of the decoration, light up the area in a golden glow. 

Bike Enthusiasts Assemble

Mehndi Decor - cycle

A decor that is unique, gorgeous, and magnificent at the same time! This prop decor uses a cute tricycle embellished with fresh fruits and dancing sunflowers. 

Dreamy Dreamcatchers with Indian Touch

Mehndi Decor - dreamcatchers

Your love for dreamcatchers will rise to infinity after seeing this wonderful blend of dreamcatchers and Indian themes. Substitute the center ring of these heavenly hoops with cycle wheels and suspend them in a cluster to create a dramatic effect. Uplift this magnificent look by adopting bright hues and ethnic prints.

Tassels with A Floral Twist

Mehndi Decor - tassels and florals

A trendy floral wretch adorns these colorful tassels like no other. This beautiful decor will make your guests flabbergasted with happiness. Blend the thread tassels with floral tassels to uplift the look.

Conical Enchantment

Mehndi Decor - conical

These cute floral cones are arranged so perfectly that it feels magical. Your guests won’t get tired of clicking pictures besides this heavenly Mehndi Decor. Trust us, this decoration is a must-try for your Mehndi Ceremony.

A Spacious Marvel

Mehndi Decor - spacious

A lawn decoration that is guaranteed to give you eye-catching pictures due to the incorporation of bright colors. This spacious lawn decor’s plus point is the multiple seating arrangements for the guests to enjoy the ceremony comfortably.

Irresistible Canopy Decor

Mehndi Decor - canopy

This canopy decor is ecstatic and wonderful. We love the blue patterns that run throughout the cloth. Adorn this canopy wonder with exotic flower vases and cane baskets.

Sasural Genda Phool

Mehndi Decor - genda phool

You will be surprised to know that marigolds don’t only adorn your Haldi Decoration but your Mehndi Decoration, too. This decor is perfect if you have a grand open space available for your ceremony and your taste is bright, peppy, and colorful. We are in love with this pink and orange-themed decor that has an abundant amount of marigolds adorned with pink drapes and cones.

Vibrant Rajasthani Umbrellas

Mehndi Decor - rajasthani umbrellas

Paint your boring umbrellas with vibrant shades and adorn them with gorgeous patterns. These will act as an essential element for your decor as they can act as a blend of traditional and contemporary. The beauty this decor provides is unimaginable.

Fairy Lights for the Mehndi Night

Mehndi Decor - fairy lights

Don’t worry if your Mehndi Ceremony is going to take place at night, because this decor can be your savior. These fairy lights when adorned with a lot of flowers will give your venue a princess vibe. If you feel the fairy lights are boring then you can switch to quirky bulbs or light fixtures. Embellish this decor with wooden seating wrapped with organza ribbons and lights to give a rustic vibe.

Adopt this Modern Theme

Mehndi Decor - modern decor

Are you a contemporary couple and looking for everything modern? Then your decor should also be modern. Hence, these modern shades are just what you should look for. Ditch the common bright orange or green and switch to peach, grey, teal, or lime to make your decor a state-of-the-art level.

Make Some Shore For The Yellow

Mehndi Decor - beach decor

This decor is the most suitable if your Mehndi is at a beach and you are obsessed with this bright and sacred color. This monochromatic Mehndi Decor looks enchanting and cheerful. Adorn this with yellow tassels and some minimal white florals to achieve a perfect beach Mehndi look. 

Bangle Decor

Mehndi Decor - bangle decor

If you want a simple and effortless decor that looks elegant too then this one will inspire you to the core. This one is as simple as it seems, just paint the branches of a plant white and adorn them with vibrant bangles.

Become a Fan of These Pinwheels

Mehndi Decor - pinwheels

Cherish your childhood memories with these pinwheels and uplift your Mehndi Ceremony. Pinwheels are a great way to decorate your Mehndi and make your guests nostalgic.

Prop Overdose

Mehndi Decor - prop overdose

Are you looking for a decor that is as bold and quirky as you? Then this one will satisfy your creative soul as it is filled with cute props. This adorable Mehndi Decor is full of props like teapots, dhols, matkas, and dolls hanging from the ceiling. The elegance this decor will bring is unbeatable.

Enjoy The Heavenly Swing

Mehndi Decor - swing

A simple swing when adorned with flowers looks out of this world. And when this decor is enhanced with a divine floral dome chandelier, it results in a drop-dead gorgeous scene. 

These were some of the Mehndi Decor ideas that we adored the most. We would like you to incorporate any of these for your Mehndi Ceremony and make the ceremony memorable and full of life.

Thanks for reading the blog. We hope you found the information valuable.

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