Memorable Proposal Ideas to woo your Soulmate during this Lockdown Phase

“Will you marry me?” These four words cause the jitters in the person who says and sends shivers down the spine of the person who hears. It is one of the most special moments in their life. To make it a memorable one, the best way is, be creative in your approach. Use this lockdown as an opportunity to confess your love to your significant other to help them find solace in you with these memorable proposal ideas. These 7 virtual proposal ideas will bring you closer to your kindred soul.

1. Dance with your squad

Choreograph a little coordinated dance with your bridal party to impress your soon-to-be spouse. Zoom’s gallery view brings out the effort in beautiful sync. This is a fun and energetic way to get some adrenaline rush before the big question. Your squad would act as a good support and hype man to help you pop the question. Don’t forget to add that cute cousin or pet in the video for that innocent touch to your memorable proposal ideas.

2. Yaadon ki baarat: Complimentary Memorable Proposal Ideas

Use all those random snaps you took of them. Make a physical collage like a picture wall or a video montage of all those nostalgic memories that you have gathered throughout the years. Make an entrance in the video call after this. This is sure to get some tears rolling their eyes and make sure to propose before their eyes bawling out. Using your memories as one of the memorable proposal ideas will really compliment your feelings by the display of your journey.

Memorable Proposal Ideas - Wall full of pictures and LED lights
Memory Wall

3. Sing “your” song

Every couple has that one song which makes them feel connected. This is the right opportunity to hit that chord and make the best use of it. Or create a song for them which has their essence in it. It will make them understand their importance in your words. If singing is not your cup of tea there is always an option to create a custom Spotify playlist for them. If you are an old hat get that mixtape delivered to their doorstep.

Memorable Proposal Ideas - Spotify custom playlist
Spotify custom playlist to express love

Modern day USB mix-tape

4. Site those feelings

If you as a couple are tech-savvy why not use it to your advantage. An interactive website which makes them feel special about their space on the internet. It will be one of those memorable proposal ideas which will stay with them forever. If you are not good with website building, you can hire a programmer for this purpose.

Memorable Proposal Ideas - Interactive website for marriage proposal
Interactive website for a marriage proposal


5. Monologue

Can you already hear Kartik Aryan start his rant? So why not modify it

Problem? Problem ye hai ki mein tumhe pasand karta hu aur tumhare bina kisi aur ke saath nahi reh sakta…..

So make a heartfelt monologue for them since words are the best way to communicate your feelings. Remember to keep the proposal really raw, so they know that you mean what you say.

Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan
Bollywood actor Kartik Aaryan famous for his monologues in films


6. Up your game

If you are the kind of couple who are into game nights, this is the perfect opportunity to surprise them. You could play charades to act out proposing someone and instead take out a real bouquet. Play trivia where there are personal questions lined up followed by “Will you marry me?” to catch them off guard. Play truth and dare with your friends and plan this one out.

Memorable Proposal Ideas- Scrabble word game to form the sentence "Will you marry me"

7. Let them chase

Plan a treasure hunt with their siblings or parents. Let them hunt down your feelings for them. Create cryptic clues around their house about some special memory, object, or quotes they often say in different parts of their house where they usually abode. Final destination being your video call where you confess your feelings for them.

Memorable Proposal Ideas - Clue chits for treasure hunt


Go get them now and please share a video of their reaction with us. We would love to see you guys together.

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