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Common Mistakes People Make While Venue Booking

By Nitish Chavan
Blog timeApr 14, 2020

How memorable the party will be, predominantly depends on how good your party venue is. Venue booking may sound like an easy job, but it is one fraught with pitfalls that can leave a very bad impression on your guest. Venue booking online may have dropped your efforts to some level. But still on the internet there are plenty of venue booking websites which are pretty enough to confuse you. Whether it be wedding hall booking or any function hall booking  searching, shortlisting and comparing venues should always be your first priority. Below we have listed some common mistakes which you should avoid while venue booking.


Here are Common Mistakes People Make While venue booking |  Mistakes to Avoid When Booking a Venue | Points to consider while party hall booking


  • Think Event First, Venue Second

    This is the first and most chronic mistake done by most of us. Many of us usually tend to search for the venue first and then plan our event. It’s pivotal that you must have a clear image of what kind of event you want before you start visiting venue holders and do venue booking. It’s okay to put your thinking and planning process on hold for long before you really have an event to hold.

Common Mistakes People Make While venue booking

  • Thinking you have plenty of time

If you think you have like a year and a half for your event day, why should i do booking now. You are already screwed! Venues can often be booked years in advance. So just think you have already planned and shortlisted your venue but you think it’s too early for booking. Don’t cry later if the venue is already booked and you have less time left for booking another venue. Therefore, if you don’t reserve a spot early and assume you will get the booking will only limit your choices.

Common Mistakes People Make While venue booking

  • Ask the right questions, asking every question will only confuse you!

Having no clear idea of what event you’re actually planning or what you want from the event venue can be a big problem and little wonder you may never find it. You have to work a little hard prior venue booking. You got to write down what kind of your event is going to be, prepare and shortlist the points that you are happy with. Most of the venue booking online platforms now allow you to send an enquiry list of what kind of event you are planning. Give the venue holders the right amount of information about your event. Ask the right questions to them. For example Is there space for a drinks reception after the main presentation? Can I bring external catering? Am I able to decorate the room myself? etc.

  •  Don’t ignore the venue, even if it’s not the front runner

Whether it be wedding hall booking or any other function hall booking, there are plenty of venue booking online platforms that you will come across. So not each but atleast go through utmost venue booking platforms and see whether they serve your needs. ‘The venue’s website looks great…it seems perfect’ is the thrash thought. It may look like the perfect venue website . Even if one in particular comes back to you with the perfect price and understands your needs, be sure to meet your satisfaction. Some companies will also try to bemuse you by giving you cheap ideas and suggestions. You have to stay firm on your choices. Not like many of them, we at BookEventz provide you not only with an Easier, Smarter and Quicker experience of booking events but also provide you great event booking experience with features like 360 degree view of venues, curated recommendations, guided venue visits and deals and discounts.

Common Mistakes People Make While venue booking

  • Signing a Venue Contract

It can be any contract, it’s always wise to go through it before signing the contract. They may promise you everything verbally but it is of no use. As long as what they have agreed is mentioned in contract, you should never give it a chance. Do check that the figures are what you thought they were going to be. Please take your time to read and understand the contract as some small mistakes and assumptions can really cost you.

Common Mistakes People Make While venue booking

 Yes, we think now you may have understood that it’s not relatively fun or easy to book the perfect venue for your ceremony or party. At the end we just want to tell you all to keep your eyes wide open to avoid mistakes or we would rather suggest to give us a chance and let your tension be handled by our experts. Our experts suggest you a right venue just what you are looking for after going through your enquiry form. We do not rely completely on digital platforms but we also provide you with direct personal interaction.  We provide a venue manager who tours you the whole venue and also solves your all kind of queries. After giving proper information about the venue and solving all kinds of doubts, we leave everything to you to decide whether you want to confirm booking or not. Customer satisfaction always stands as our first priority. Now that you are aware of the most common mistakes, you can start searching for the venues now. So just start with us! Click on the image below.

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