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Color of Occasion- Tuxedo Color Ideas to Match Your Occasion

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It is not every day that you wear Tuxedos and hence to go uninformed about the various Tuxedo color styles you can pair it in is acceptable. But, to go ignorant about Tuxedo fashion on your wedding day can put you in the dilemma of this or that or maybe a hat? Tuxedos can be paired up in various and miscellaneous ways with other ceremonial accessories to match the contrast of your style in the ceremony. On the contrary, it is your wedding day and you would not want to leave any stone unturned to feel and express as yo’self out aesthetic as possible. Some of you may also be asking what’s the difference between a suit or a tuxedo anyway? Or how to choose between a tie and a bow tie? Well, the difference is major and we will encompass everything around the theme to provide you some real insights.

Let’s start with how and what you can do with your evening suit.

Tuxedo Color 01- Classic Black 

Tuxedo color Black
Black tuxedos are the most compelling and formal costume for a groom on an evening wedding. Pairing it with a white cotton shirt and a shiny black bow tie with shimmery black lapels and snazzy cuff links. The combination can make you stand out from the crowd easily with a trendy, fashion-forward, and perfectly dapper appearance. Also, a black tux always partners great with the same shade or shiny brown leather oxford shoes that elevate the personage of the groom. 

Tuxedo Color 02- Navy or Blue to compliment the Hue:

Tuxedo Color Navy Blue

Do you want to be figured as an  in an exquisite surrounding without feeling overly-fancy in your wedding? Navy Blue is the color for you. Black lapels, blue or navy-blue bow tie, white cotton undershirt with leather -black, shiny oxford shoes. This combination just fits right for the occasion and creates a subtle contrast with the climate on an evening ceremony.

Tuxedo Color 03- White is an old bright!

Tuxedo Color White

A wise man once said – ‘I think white is the most wonderful color of all because within it one can find every color of the rainbow.’ True. You can find the shades of all the colors in white. You can weave your freedom and express gratitude with white because it soothes you. However, white tuxedos are an outfit to be admired. Occasionally paired best with black slacks and leather brown lizard oxford shoes with white or a darker shade of shirt. It can also entice all the pair of eyes with its cleanminimalistic, and polished semblance

Tuxedo Color 04- Grey for the Big Day!

Tuxedo Color Grey

Want to make a splash on your big day? But, don’t you feel colors are monotonous over the minimalistic and ingeniously dapper neutral shades of grey? Don your wedding look with greyish shades of your Tux with the vests of the same shade and white or dark blue cotton undershirt. A pair of fresh black and brown leather shiny oxford shoes can fill the missing vibrancy from your appearance

Tuxedo Color 05- Burgundy for a certainty!

Tuxedo Color Burgundy

You never have to think about some cliché shades when you have the option to choose Burgundy! Make heads find your way by donning a contemporary color of your tux suit for your big day and we bet your significant half would not stop admiring you. With a vest, suit, and slack of the same shade along with an undershirt of your choice, the stage will be all yours. Would you mind stealing the show?

By the way, Suit or Tux?

Wait, are you still searching for the difference between a suit and a tuxedo? The answer is Satin! Traditionally, tuxedos have satin and suits don’t. You can find the fine shimmery satin around the lapels and the side scoops of the jacket. Historically, men wore tuxedos with bow ties and suits with ties but, the trends change every day. Whatever your wedding fashion choice may be, the ultimate aim is to look and feel good.

Lastly, it is your big day and everyone loves you for who you are. Hence, all your focus should be on being the healthiest and happiest person on your big day. Also, finding a suit or a tuxedo that feels or looks good on your body. Do you have any more recommendations for us? We would love to hear what the grooms are wearing for the ceremony.

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